Gov. Quinn Introduces Squeezy, the Pension Python

Gov. Quinn introduces Squeezy, the pension python and its associated website The website gives Quinn’s take on the Pension Crisis. His mission is

  • Halt the increasing pension pressure on the budget and its far-reaching effects NOW because it can’t wait
  • Ensure retirement security for our teachers and others
  • Secure the Illinois that we want for our kids and grandkids and future generations

The website provides some background for the pension fund acronyms like, TRS, SURS, SERS, GARS and JRS along with the basic information like date started and the groups it covers. The information on who is to blame and the facts of the problem are very minimal. It also seeks to shift the blame away from the real culprits who have increased the benefits beyond sustainability.

Below the video accompanying the release of the website.


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  1. When will this Public Sector Pension fraud be admitted? There is no obligation on the part of any taxpayers to pay this outright fraud. Examine the Pension structure itself and it does not meet any sound investment program especially for retirement. Social Security if it had not been misappropriated by Government could easily payout the $10K to $26K annually for perpetuity for the members if the funds had been invested at a risk-free rate. The Public Sector Pension Plans where the member contributes 9.2% and the employer matches it can payout a maximum of $44K annually without the ridiculous COLAs and other benefits. But the Public Sector wants 85% or more of their final pay which is inflated by over 40% in the final years in any of the Public Sector Labor Agreements which are made and approved by the recipients of this Windfall. The collusion between the Public Sector and the unions has created this mess and fraud. There is absolutely no reason why the Public Sector employees are not in Social Security, Medicare and a self-directed 401K with a maximum 3% contribution match. As taxpayers we can accept a one time resolution here where all those 35 years and older get their Pension payouts capped at $50K maximum annually with much reduced COLAs matched to the annual Social Security Cost of Living increases. It is time for these criminals to stop their fraud and stop these charades of extraordinary people in the Public Sector demand 50% more compensation than in the Private and the job functions require the 50% over staffing. It is time for the restructuring and reform here. Most importantly there is no obligation for any of this fraud on backs of the taxpayers. The $50 Trillion Pension Obligation on taxpayers for the 23 million Public Sector employees (Federal, State and Municipal) is total absurdity. There is no way that the private sector would ever support 23 million millionaires nor should they. The Public Sector is the #1 problem today that is bankrupting the nation, states and municipalities.

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