Oberweis Catches Durbin Lying in Tribune Interview

By Cal Skinner A press release from Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate Jim Oberweis:
Durbin caught lying about IRS contact at Chicago Tribune editorial board session
Jim Oberweis
Dick Durbin
CHICAGO — U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was caught lying today at the Chicago Tribune editorial board session when asked about his role in the IRS scandal.
Durbin was asked unequivocally whether he or his U.S. Senate staff had ANY contact with the IRS during the IRS scandal other than the well-publicized letter he wrote asking the IRS to target Crossroads GPS on Oct. 10, 2010.
Durbin responded that there was no other correspondence upon questioning by opponent Jim Oberweis, a …read more

Source: McHenry County Blog

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