LTE: Higher property tax in CCSD33C does not mean a better education

By Steve Balich

Amy Blank and Ed Compins voted not to raise the salaries of staff and non-certified members 3.237%. The Board needs to understand paying higher salaries at the expense of tax payers is unsustainable. Certified employees in CCSD 33C received 33.60% increase in wages over the last 7 years. Home values have dropped about 35 to 40%, at the same time disposable income is decreasing especially in non-government jobs. Eventually taxpayers won’t be able to pay enough to fund public sector employees and their pensions. The burden that is inflected by yearly property tax increases pushes those on fixed incomes out of homes which were affordable when they bought them. Tax increases make selling your home more difficult since there are fewer buyers that can afford a mortgage with high taxes.

Higher taxes does not mean a better education. Your 33C property tax dollars are divided:

  • $7086 for instruction per student
  • $11979 for operations per student
  • 3702 students
  • 232 teachers


CCSD33C Teacher Contract calls for 6% rise each of the 3 years before retirement (p.31) this increases their pension payout substantially at taxpayer expense.  Source

CCSD33C Salaries 2012-2013
Board President Angela Adolf said she is confident the superintendent can find $187,000 in the budget to give the raises. Angela spoke of more spending as a means to provide a better Education. Ed Campins said the money is real and increases every year. Amy Blank felt that people outside of public employment experience paying more for their insurance. She was not happy with increased spending. Barb Wilson said it’s not right to surprise employees with an unexpected change, holding back a raise. I ask why anyone is guaranteed a raise. Polk, Martin, Adolf, Wilson, voted for the Raise. Blanc and Campins voted no raise. Dwyer was absent.



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