Talk Radio Ending July 13th

With the passing of Jack Roeser, Champion News Talk Radio will be coming to an end.  The final broadcast will be July 13th at 8:00 am on AM 560 The Answer.  Below is the final show schedule:

June 29 Best of Jack Roeser including:

  • Rants on the IEA, roofing costs
  • Discussion with Demetra Demonte about the Republican Party
  • Mothers Day and a story about Jack’s mother
  • Pensions
July 6  Best of Jack Roeser including:

  • Speech at CPAC 2012
  • Illinois Pension History with Bill Zettler
  • Jack and Tom Roeser’s Community Investment
  • and more
July 13 Final tribute show to Jack including:

  • IEA
  • Obamacare
  • The problem with Illinois
  • Jack’s Passion on St. Elizabeths
  • Farewell Jack

You can listen to past episodes on podcasts and previously watch shows on our Youtube Channel.

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  1. 2nd Generation Wannabe says:

    I was saddened to hear of Jack’s passing; but my sadness was compounded when I heard his talk show would not continue. There was no better way to prepare for Sunday Mass than to get an hour of Roeser conservatism!! I was hoping that you or Mike Brown could continue advancing the conservative flag. Or even bring back Carol Parisi; boy, I really miss her!!

    That being said, I am disappointed with your tribute to Jack the past two weeks. To get to the real essence of Jack, please replay the “kick Mark Kirk to the curb” campaign” or a rant about Tom “double” Cross. Then let’s hear a graphic, no holds barred rant on how perverted homosexuals are and listen to Jack cast aspersions on the sexuality of Mark Kirk and Dan Rutherford. And then to top it off, play the segment with the late Col. Raymond True stating that Mark Kirk surrounds himself with homosexuals. If you have to end the show, end it on a real high note!! Jack would have wanted it that way!!

    Thanks for hearing me out!!

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