Fortune 500 Company Will Not Hire Homeschoolers

HOMEschool2A fortune 500 company has made it their national policy to not recognize a homeschool diploma. The company in NiSource out of Indiana.  This statement was from the company.

“Although these policies may be disappointing to impacted individuals, the company’s position remains firm.”

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) did get to get this resolved, but to no avail.

Donnelly and the HSLDA would remind Americans and especially companies like NiSource that research abounds proving that graduates of homeschool education are at least as well rounded in their education and prepared for the work force as students of public education. Most homeschool parents and graduates would say they are far better equipped. And in this particular case, the candidate was clearly qualified for the position. It was only the company’s bias that prevented him from working.

The rejected employee in question not only had already taken college courses, he had relevant work experience.  This is from the original report from May when this incident happened.

This applicant was offered a job initially, but NiSource withdrew the offer when it found out he had a homeschool diploma. In addition to graduating from homeschool in compliance with Ohio law, this applicant had years of relevant job experience and several key industry certifications. During his last two years of high school the applicant took seven courses at a recognized state college and made the dean’s list.

As a homeschooler myself, I find this a disturbing case of bias. There have been many studies showing how homeschoolers are more advanced and better prepared overall to make the jump to both college and the work force.

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