Kid Twirls a Pencil in Class, N.J. Threatens to Take Him From His Dad and Requires Blood and Urine Testing

In NJ a 13 year old twirled a pencil in class.  Another kid said he was making gun signals.  Of course the student was suspended. Now the other consequences have hit.  The father was told to take his son for psychological evaluation or lose custody.

“The story that we expelled or suspended a student is partially not true … We did exclude” the student from attending until a proper psychological evaluation was done, interim Vernon Superintendent Charles Maranzano [said.]…

It gets worse with the requirements at the visit:

Panicked by the letter, Ethan’s parents took him in for the evaluation, where he was required to give blood and urine samples.

Our public school systems have gone from teaching reading, writing and arithmetic to dumbing down the students and indoctrinating them into obeying government authority regardless of the instructions.  This is another example of Zero Common Sense.

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