Middle Schoolers Celebrate Killing Baby

On Friday, a middle school class at Churchville-Chili Middle School in Churchville, NY had a class assignment about Shaken Baby Syndrome. In the class students were asked to shake a baby until it stopped crying, i.e. it was dead. Below is the story of one student as relayed to me by their parent:

Today my 12 year old son came home noticeably upset. In school they learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome. Not a new topic for him as we have many little ones and we have explained how dangerous it is to shake a baby even playfully.

The students were asked to do a worksheet on the subject.  They were then shown a video of a father explaining how he shook his baby because it wouldn’t stop crying. The video showed the baby in the hospital hooked up to wires and life saving measures. The video also stated the father was in jail for his actions.

The teacher demonstrated shaking and killing the baby. Once done, she told the students they were going to take turns killing the baby and then warned, “Just don’t go crazy, the doll is heavy”.  They were instructed to shake it continuously as the ‘baby’ screamed and screamed until all the parts of the ‘brain’ had lit up indicating which part of the brain was being injured. They were instructed to shake the ‘baby’ until it was quiet.. Until it was dead.  My son was the first to refuse to participate. He said his teacher was shocked. Others followed his lead.

About 4 boys and 2 girls participated in shaking the baby to death after the teacher demonstrated.  The reaction was mixed. Some students put their hands over their mouths, some put their hoods of there sweatshirts up and heads down on the desk. Other students seemed to find this activity amusing and one exclaimed ” Yes!!” when it was her turn to participate.   Some kids who found this HILARIOUS and beat the snot out of that ‘baby’ throwing it against the wall, smashing it into desks ect. until they rejoiced that the ‘baby’ was dead.

The 7th grade class this was taught in was Mrs. Amory’s Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS).  FACS description is:

‘Career and Technical Education which includes Family and Consumer Sciences is a program designed to prepare students to meet their responsibilities as family members, consumers, home managers, wage earners, and parents. This course is designed to prepare you to become “Life Ready.”‘

On a page about the doll itself, there are resources for the curriculum and explanation on how this assignment is common core aligned assignment.


I have reached out to the Teacher and Superintendent for a response and neither have returned my inquiries.  Contact information for the school is below:

Superintendent Dr. Pamela Kissel
139 Fairbanks Road
Churchville, NY 14428
Phone:(585) 293-1800

UPDATE: Principal Giulio Bosco is doing a full investigation of this incident and will update me on the findings late tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Statement from Superintendent Kissel and Principal Bosco

From: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pamela Kissel and Middle School Executive Principal Giulio Bosco

RE: Churchville-Chili District Response to FACS lesson: Shaken Baby Syndrome

The objective of the FACS class topic discussion is to teach students how delicate babies are and not to do anything that would intentionally harm them. After several interviews of students and other staff who were present in the classroom at the time of the Shaken Baby Syndrome lesson, it was apparent that these allegations were inaccurate. The district strives to provide classroom environments that are supportive during difficult discussions while preparing our students for life.

The statement did not answer my original questions so I revised the slightly and sent them back again.  They are as follows:

  • How many years have you been teaching this lesson?
  • What has the typical response been?
  • How many kids refuse to take part in shaking the baby to death?
  • Is it correct that you are also saying that NO student was overly enthusiastic during the presentation?
  • How is having students participating and intentionally harming the baby prop teaching them to treat a baby delicately?


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About Lennie Jarratt

Small Business Owner, Education Watchdog, FOIA expert, Founder of For Our Children's Future


  1. Reneé Kunkel says:


  2. Danielle says:

    We are raising a generation of narsistic people who have no compassion or empathy. They’re self centered, egomaniacs who’ve learned nothing about the value of life or respect. Makes me so sad.

    • LennieJarratt says:

      At least some of the kids had respect for life and refused to take part in the baby killing portion.

  3. Not lying, that makes me want to vomit. :( And to hear that a mother I know knows one of the kids’ mothers who confirmed the story.

  4. 6stufapins says:

    Sorry, but this makes me wish to offer this teacher a lesson on Shaken Staff Syndrome.

  5. Westside Mom says:

    While I think that the lesson plan described herein is nauseating and unhelpful, the title of this article does not represent what my child told me about what happened in class, and is inflammatory and pandering. You can do better, and should.

  6. This simple sickens me, but on the other hand it stated that Some kids who found this HILARIOUS and beat the snot out of that ‘baby’ throwing it against the wall, smashing it into desks ect. until they rejoiced that the ‘baby’ was dead.

    I personally feel, these children need some serous counseling if not being seen by a mental health professional as this is in know way, normal behavior for a child.

  7. This was my class and the teacher is Mrs Amory and I’m glad she is in trouble because it was really sick. I would not participate and most people who were called said no. The only thing in this story is that nobody threw it at the wall.

    • LennieJarratt says:

      So far the school district is trying to defend the teacher and claims non of this happened.

      • Yeah, but they are still investigating and she is obviously getting in somewhat trouble otherwise she wouldn’t have been in such a mood the last few days

        • LennieJarratt says:

          Abby, would you be willing to talk to the media about your experience? If so contact Rachel Spotts with News10NBC at (585-329-7900). They are running this story on the 5:30 news tonight.

        • LennieJarratt says:

          Also, ABC WHAM is asking for comments as well. You can call their newsroom at 585-334-8743.

    • Do you really think this is relevant to learning your abc’s, etc. What does this have to do with anything.

    • Hi, My name is Rachel Spotts and I’m with News10NBC. Is there any way I can speak with you today about what happened in the class? Please call me at (585-329-7900) Thank you!

      • Hahaha. Very funny. You seem like a fun travel buddy. me and my friends have a knack of “copy po#gni&s8221; with celebrity ads we see on malls when we travel..

  8. We should’ve just read an article saying how it was bad. She should not of let kids participate. The title of the story is a bit exaggerated and the rejoicing of it dying did not happen. Most of us thought it was sick(including me). I witnessed it so I would know what happened

    • I am appalled that this happened, anyone who would downplay it is desensitized already. News stories always tend to be exaggerated, that’s a given.

    • Mark Bigger says:

      Abby, could you please describe what was taught and what were the reactions of the students? Im curious, that is all

  9. The teacher is Nancy Amory

  10. Holly Procida says:

    If it is true, this is one example of bad classroom judgement, but the stated goals and standards and what happened in the classroom have no relationship.. so why blame it on “The Common Core”

    • LennieJarratt says:

      While this lesson is not a Common Core lesson per se. The curriculum for this lesson is Common Core aligned and is a prime example of how the vagueness of Common Core allows lessons just like this to be justified and brought into the class room.

      • Well, that’s almost sensible, particularly compared with the majority of hysterical replies. Before people start hanging teachers, in effigy or reality, it might pay to get confirmation of the story from reasonably objective, reliable sources. But that’s not nearly as much fun as going berserk. And of course, let’s blame the ALLEGED mischief on all our favorite bad guys and whipping boys. So while there’s no Common Core curriculum for dealing with the issues this supposed lesson might be addressing, it MUST be a Common Core problem. Or a liberal problem. Or an Obama problem. Or a “Fall of the American Empire” problem, ad nauseam.

        So tell me: what was true BEFORE the Common Core that would have proscribed AGAINST this lesson, assuming every detail is true (which I personally do not)? Was there something in the state’s standards, the district’s standards, that said, “You can’t teach a lesson on Shaken Baby Syndrome using a doll and scientific equipment, in which you have the students . . . blah, blah, blah”? No, of course not. So Common Core is a total red herring here.

        This country could use a massive, repeated dose of Valium. And probably an anti-psychotic, too.

        • LennieJarratt says:

          So much hyperbole and strawmen, so little time.

          • Holly Procida says:

            But don’t you see this article is creating the hyperbole and strawmen ? GREAT point Michael, before Common Core these health standards about infant safety were not any different. Common Core only tells you what students should know about.. not HOW they learn it, that is up to individual teachers and schools. And making sure that students know infants are fragile is probably a good thing. This method.. probably not good , but not AT ALL related to Common Core.

  11. There was about 20 kids picked and only 6 kids said yes I was there

  12. Jamesmom says:

    These comments show that there are differing eyewitness accounts of this lesson. That’s because people, especially children, experience the same events differently. Even if the purpose of the lesson was to show—obviously—that killing a baby is wrong, perhaps one 13-year-old won’t focus on that part of the lesson but only on the fact that the teacher asked her students to simulate the murder of a child. We all know what happened in Wisconsin: Two 12-year-olds read about a clearly fictional character named Slenderman, but their immature brains believed that he was real, and they tried to kill their friend to please him. Now we have a class full of kids who have been shown that you can kill a baby by shaking him. What if one of them snaps one day because his baby brother is driving him nuts, and wants to see if what he learned in school really works? And what’s next? Will the teacher bring pretend assault weapons into the classroom and have the kids shoot each other to simulate a school shooting—to teach them that “this is wrong”?

  13. Kailee Polimeni says:

    I have had this teacher prior, as a graduate from the school. She is an excellent teacher and the class is intended to get the point across to students. If we bubble wrap our kids, then we cannot fully tech them a lesson. I am fully behind her and the schools curriculum in this matter. We must show them. Clearly it did get the point across if it did get a reaction from the students. That’s how you truly engage them: by showing the and getting them involved. Maybe some students were too immature to handle the lesson at the age, however, they will not forget the message when it really matters. They are at the babysitting age, shouldn’t this be the time to teach them and get them to truly understand their actions??

  14. Kailee Polimeni says:

    I have had this teacher prior, as a graduate from the school. She is an excellent teacher and the class is intended to get the point across to students. If we bubble wrap our kids, then we cannot fully tech them a lesson. I am fully behind her and the schools curriculum in this matter. We must show them. Clearly it did get the point across if it did get a reaction from the students. That’s how you truly engage them: by showing the and getting them involved. Maybe some students were too immature to handle the lesson at the age, however, they will not forget the message when it really matters. They are at the babysitting age, shouldn’t this be the time to teach them and get them to truly understand their actions??

    • Jamesmom says:

      Should she bring cocaine, vodka, cigarettes, crack, and firearms into the classroom, since these are also part of life? A lesson on baby killing does not belong in a classroom, and to keep murder out of the public schools does not “bubble wrap” the students. I’m sure that teacher is excellent—so was my daughter’s teacher, who read from scripts and taught the kids things that someone else ordered her to teach. Not a single idea she “taught” to the kids was her own. When you had that excellent teacher, was she reading from scripts or teaching what she herself believed in? It would be interesting if that teacher could tell us truthfully whether she would have taught the lesson in that particular way.

    • LennieJarratt says:

      Showing them is one thing, having them participate is totally another.

      There are much better ways to teach this than the way it was done in this class. This was disgusting.

    • This is my teacher and she is very far from excellent, I don’t if you just slept in class all the time because this terrible teacher is a awful teacher

    • donnak106 says:

      you could show them in a much different way. SBS can happen so quickly and shaking a doll as it’s brains light up in no way can depict what can actually happen. It’s sick. They could have been shown the devastation of SBS by showing them the pictures of these poor babies intubated and attached to various wires with bandages on their heads to cover the pieces of their skull that had to be cut away to relieve the pressure of the fluid building up in their brains, not teaching them to shake a baby. I hope this school and teacher reviews and revises this horrible lesson

  15. whitedove says:

    was just reading to my hubby about Common Core Math which is sheer stupidity, but this folks ya’ll like a bunch of frogs in a pot of water that has been heating up so slowly over the years but now the heat is being turned up, You ain’t got a lick of sense if you think this is acceptable behavior Lord help us

  16. Jamesmom says:

    I am glad that kids from the actual class have commented on what they saw. But have you adults noticed that these kids do not know how to punctuate a sentence or spell correctly? Maybe that excellent teacher should be giving lessons in grammar and spelling instead of baby killing.

    • Shut up I know how to punctuate you idiot I’m probably smarter than you and your children and I’m 13! You are insulting a child, grow up you immature women.

      • Jamesmom says:

        The correct punctuation of your comment is this: “Shut up! I know how to punctuate, you idiot. I’m probably smarter than you and your children, and I’m 13! You are insulting a child. Grow up, you immature woman.” I was actually commenting on the shortcomings of your education, but perhaps your teacher should add manners to her curriculum.

        • It wasn’t the end of my sentence. Obviously I have more manners than you, because I’m not fighting with a kid, when I’m 50. It’s a facts teacher. I’m very mature, you don’t know me. I bet you are an Obama lover. You are the immature GIRL. I’m gonna be the bigger man and end this conversation. I will pray for you.

          • Julie Miller says:

            It’s actually FACS, not facts. You are a very rude 13 year old, if my daughter spoke to me that way she would be getting her face slapped. I pray for you that somebody teaches you how to act appropriately on and off the internet. If not, you are in for a rude awakening in the real world child.

          • Like I said before spell check. I said woman because you said woman. You have no idea who I am so don’t call me rude. My parents taught me how to act, I just can’t stand ignorant people like you guys. You probably need YOUR face slapped. I’m more ready for the real world than you are now. I’m gonna pray for you to grow up. I am a very strong Catholic.

          • Julie Miller says:

            I do know who you are actually. If you are such a devout Catholic then you know that The Lord is not happy with the way you are treating others right now. Spread love, not hate. Ignorance is a word so many people your age use yet they don’t really know the true meaning. You think it means stupid, though it really means being unaware or inexperienced. On that note young ignorant child (it’s not your fault you’re just a new teen), it’s time for you to go to bed as I’m sure your good parents have told you to do so already. PS- I didn’t recognize excellent teachers until after high school, in due time you will look back and think “wow, he/she did teach me what they were supposed to and I actually learned from them!! What an excellent teacher!!” Goodnight young lady. I’ll still pray you become less cheeky during the most important years of your life and that you keep an open mind for all walks because I fear you have hate and fear of the unknown instilled in you.

          • LennieJarratt says:

            I am shocked by how some of you who claim to be adults are acting worse than the supposed students in these comments. It appears there are more problems in this school district if this is the way the adults act.

          • How would you know me? You said in your first sentence, you know me. I’m sorry if I offended you. I am bipolar so when I get mad, you don’t want to talk to me. I have many other issues, so when I get fired up, step away. Sorry, and God bless. Ps. Another problem that I had with the teacher she insulted my family and that made me mad, so I shouldn’t have said something about your family.

          • lolatyou says:

            Oh please. You’re intentionally instigating a child knowing that she will reply to you in a rude or hysterical manner. You’re being rude and not setting a good example for kids to follow. If you instigated your daughter to rudeness then slapped her when she became mouthy because she was distraught over your behavior, you’d deserve to have CPS called on you. That is child abuse and you sound like a horrible mother. I’m guessing you’re not a parent at all, but a very bad troll. I have two teens myself and would never treat them the way you’re behaving toward this girl. I certainly don’t threaten them physical violence.

      • Julie Miller says:

        It’s woman not women.

    • I didn’t spell anything wrong so maybe you’re the dumb one. Go back to school.

  17. “OK Johnny, now its your turn to kill the baby. Not too quick now, I want you to take a few tries.”. That’s the message I see. When my son was born, my wife and I sat through a SIDS and Shaken Baby video. Can you imagine the response in the Maternity Wards if you asked parents to simulate killing an infant? Its morbid and disgusting that this technique is being taught in school. My wife was in tears reading the article. I also don’t trust the Administration’s response.

  18. SueLuttner says:

    The most exasperating thing about this story is the assumption that there is some scientific validity to these dolls. Researchers have not established any correlation between force levels and injury to specific parts of the brain: In fact, researchers are still arguing over whether it is even possible to shake a baby to death without breaking the child’s neck. This lesson completely ignores the most common sources of infant head injury: accidental falls and battering.

    • sherilynpage says:

      The “most exasperating thing,” really?You’re such a tool. My daughter survived, barely. Dear friends of mine:dead daughter, admitted guilt by daycare provider, no broken neck. I know not of the accuracy, nor do I see the relevance of this doll in a children’s classroom setting, but you should refrain from spouting crap you read on the internet, that’s like ass-u-m(e)-ing, just to get a reaction from people who have first hand, deeply emotional experience on the subject.

  19. “Life ready”? this course seems more like “socialist ready”.

  20. Julie Miller says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you believe what you read!! This parent wanted 30 seconds of fame and if he was that concerned for his sons feelings he would’ve contacted the school instead of the 1st writer looking for an opportunity to believe his lies and write an untrue column about it. My daughter was in that class and said they were taught that shaking a baby can lead to death and they were shown how so they knew it doesn’t take much to injure an unformed brain. That was the purpose of the lesson, maybe because my daughter is an honor roll student she understood what the teacher was trying to convey. This father obviously has ulterior motives in reaching out to anyone who will listen, and I guarantee his son’s well being is not his priority right now. Wake up people, everything you read has another side.

    • I’m on honor roll too, and I still thought the lesson was sick. It was during my class. Maybe your child is stupid and just is on honor roll because she is “special.” The smart kids like me thought it was wrong.

    • LennieJarratt says:

      The district can help the discussion by actually answering questions instead of just providing a non statement statement.

      Second, a parent contacted the school. I cannot confirm if that is the same parent that contacted me.

  21. EditorDesk says:


  22. What in the HELL does this have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic? Oh… right, it’s replacing parents.

  23. Today I had facs and the teacher was not there, but that can mean anything

  24. Linda Sills says:

    Common Core is evil. Our school system is broken and run by Commies. Get your children OUT of these g-d indoctrination centers. Empty the schools=no money..and the whole thing will collapse. Good riddance.

    • LennieJarratt says:

      The public school system will never collapse. It is needed, but it needs to be changed to once again empower the parents and local communities instead of as is currently with control being federal and state bureaucrats.

  25. The part about the staff thing is very wrong. There was no staff in the classroom during lesson.

  26. What other things gas this teacher taught this year Has she made hats to donate to premature infants?. Blankets to give to sick children and other charitable things? Do we remember these wonderful things and the difference she has made in those lives.? Why not?

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