Chairman Bruce Rauner’s Term Limits and Reform Petition Has Enough Signatures to Place the Term Limits Amendment on the November Ballot

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits, chaired by Bruce Rauner, successfully completed the next step in the constitutional amendment petition process when the State Board of Elections determined Friday that the committee submitted 366,460 valid signatures, blowing past the minimum legal requirement of 298,400. Once the State Board of Elections officially certifies the results, the amendment will officially be ready to appear on the November ballot for the people to vote on.

“Hundreds of thousands of people from across Illinois made it clear they want term limits by signing our petition – now the voters are going to have the chance to make it the law of the land when they vote “Yes” on the Term Limits and Reform amendment in November,” Bruce Rauner said.

Today marks the end of a petition process that began in September of 2013, when the Term Limits and Reform campaign began collecting signatures. The signatures were submitted to the State Board of Elections on April 30th, but the validation process did not begin until May 21st.

“We want to thank the army of volunteers who worked tirelessly to collect the signatures to put this important amendment on the ballot. Today we also extend our gratitude to the State Board of Elections for their impartiality and professionalism throughout the petition process,“ said Executive Director Mark Campbell. “Today the Board has made official what we have known all along – that the people of Illinois want term limits.”

The amendment limits state lawmakers to 8 years in the general assembly, while also making other structural and procedural changes to the legislature, including raising the threshold to override a gubernatorial veto to bring Illinois in line with 36 other states, and changing the number of state house and senate districts, saving taxpayers millions and bringing house members closer to home.

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