Editorial: Bad Management is Killing Illinois

RoofDisrepairIllinois is being destroyed because of bad management; bad management in cities and villages; bad management in school districts and especially bad management from Springfield.

Michael Madigan is the longest serving Speaker of House in the entire country nearing 30 years.  During that time he has led this once great state to being the most corrupt and most broke state in the country with the legalization of what is corrupt in many states, and reckless over spending.

Here are a couple of examples of bad management:

Building Projects and how to save 32%

Many taxing bodies use an architect/engineer design process.  This process invariably increases costs. First, the project costs is public before the builders actually bid.  Second, the architects are not responsible for the final building so builders add in extra costs to cover the items that aren’t very feasible in the design.

The more cost effective method is a Builder Design process where the builder designs the building in ways that are cheaper and functional.

5 communities did projects using the Architect Build process. The final bids exceeded the architect estimates and were rejected.  These projects were the rebid using the Builder design build process.  These new bids the average savings was 32%.

For example, a project in Will County with the Architect Build had 9 bids with the lowest being $5.2 Million.  The bids were rejected.  The community then did a Builder Design Build.  The winning bidder came in at $2.9 Million (44% savings) and the highest at just $3.4 Million (35% lower).

School Buildings

Typical school buildings run $200 – $800 or more per square foot while industrial buildings run from $100 – $130 per square foot.

This isn’t all though.  I once visited Salt Lake City who produced modular school buildings at $60 per square foot.

School Roofs

A roof replacement should cost just $2 – $5 dollars per square foot.  Even high end cost will be $6 – $8 per square foot.  Many school districts however pay $15 – $20 per square foot.

In fact in Barrington a few years ago, I talked to the Barrington District 220 Superintendent and he said he had an $82 per square foot cost for roof repair and that allowed a tear down/rebuild plan based on state law. He was indifferent about what I said about what it should cost and continued with the tear down rebuild.  Yes, instead of just replacing the roof, they built a new school.


50% of the Medicaid patients in Illinois were found to be ineligible. Instead of keeping the independent vendor reviewing records, Pat Quinn fired the group and put the union dues paying state workers in charge of the review.

$12.3 million in Medicaid benefits paid to dead people.  This money went to 2850 people. One had $30,000 in payments between 2005 and 2013 even though they had been dead since 1989.

This same bad management is rampant in all areas of government the state and in Springfield.  You can see how bad this can be, think about how bad this problem really is given Illinois has over 7000 taxing bodies, 2000 more than the next closest state.

Speaker Madigan is at the head of this bad management.  It is time for Mr. Madigan and the stupid pay rollers to get out of the way so Illinoisans can enjoy good management instead of his bad management.

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  1. Jack, I agree with your facts that there is no competent managerial person or skills in the entire Public Sector nor would any honest person ever contemplate the acts and actions of this Public Sector. Unfortunately the problem here gone much further then bad and incompetent management. It is complete and absolute orchestrated corruption and crime executed upon the taxpayers of this state by these Public Sector members at every level. The evidence is clearly presented in every Public Sector Labor Agreement and contract and many times their legislation itself is an outright crime against the Constitution. The entire Public Sector operation today is riddled with corruption and criminal acts, and this has not only destroyed the economy but bankrupted the state and municipalities. It starts with the 50% over staffing and compensation levels in their operations plus their millionaire defined Pension Plan scams. The actions and operations of the Public Sector here remind of the Communist operations my family escaped from.

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