Mr. Zettler – be careful

The title is the last line written on a weird, anonymous letter I received by mail today. It was sent to my business office from a PO box in Springfield.

According to the letter they are many problems with the state pension systems including the recent $4 million projected over-payment I exposed and worked with WGN news to get public. This is a hot topic in Springfield and we all know Springfield hates bad publicity.

Click here for the news video.

So here’s the letter. Is that an implied threat? What do you think of it?

Weird letter

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  1. Mongolia3 says:

    Send the letter to your State Rep and Senator.
    There needs to be an independent investigation into the allegations.

  2. Mongolia3 says:

    Also send the letter to the Northern District of Illinois US Attorney’s office within the United States Department of Justice,

  3. Just be careful, having escaped from Communism, the party can take you away at anytime and you will never be heard from again. Do not place any trust in the “Representative” Government in office since the evidence of the crimes and corruption throughout the entire Public Sector is over whelming and no actions have been taken by anyone in the Public Sector to address these crimes against the Constitution and taxpayers for decades.

  4. concerned taxpayer says:

    The letter looks like it was typed on a typewriter. Are you sure it is a threat? This seems more like a letter from a “friend” who is trying to protect you.

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