State Senate Candidate Introduces Himeself with a Rap Song

Gurnee Village Trustee Don Wilson is a professional DJ and lead singer of the John Mellencamp cover band Mellencougar.

Wilson said the song was written by former Mellencamp — and Mellencougar — keyboardist Moe Z M.D., a producer and singer who once worked on a song with the late Tupac Shakur in the 1990s.

“I wanted a campaign song that told my story,” Wilson said. “So I gave him some bullet points, and he wrote the lyrics.”

Here’s a sampling of what he came up with:

“Grew up in section 8. Homeless to homeowner in nine years, can you relate?”


“Now he has two daughters and a wife. Married for 18 years, doing it right. Member of Rotary …”


“Went from having Christmas with nothing under the tree to a paid member of the NAACP.”

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