Editorial: Institutionalized Racism in Illinois Public Schools

The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado reported this week that Illinois standards are being changed in a way that will institutionalize racism in our education system. How is the education bureaucracy doing this? The state is changing the standards students have to meet by “RACE”. Yes, each race will have a separate standard to meet.

Here are some of the new race based standards:

Reading 3rd – 8th Grade
    White Students 85%
    Latino Students 73%
    Black Students 70%

These new standards all eliminate the ability of students to transfer to a better school. This traps the students in poor performing schools where they will receive a substandard education based solely on their race.

This type of separate and unequal education harkens back to the very reasons segregation of schools was ruled unconstitutional. The ruling, Brown vs Board of Education, took place 60 years ago and here we are again instituting raced based education to perpetuate and prop up the failures of our public school system.

The failures of our public school system can be laid directly at the feet of the teacher unions who have transferred astronomical amounts of money to legislators. These legislators then help pass teacher union friendly laws that do not help the students. In fact many of these laws hurt actual education.

How do the teacher unions gain so much influence?

Each year, here in Illinois, the teachers are forced to pay the union over $134 million dollars in dues. Up to 80% of this money is being used for politics and lobbying, according to the Beck Decision. That’s right, your hard earned money you paid to your local school district via extremely high property taxes is being sent to the teacher unions who use it to lobby and help elect politicians who give the union bosses more of your money. See “The Once Great State of Illinois, Who is to Blame for it’s Downfall?” for more details on the Beck Decision.

As the recent study by the Cato Institute shows, education spending has increased by 100% while test scores have remained stagnant. [See chart below] We pay more and more taxes, higher and higher salaries, only to continue to have far too many students who can’t read and write.


At Otto Engineering, here in Carpentersville, IL (School District 300) we give every applicant a 5th grade math test with double the amount of time it should take to finish. A staggering 50% cannot pass this test.

The United States is continuing to drop in international education rankings. We are now ranked at about #35 when we use to be #1. The more we federalize education with the likes of common core, the more our rankings will fall. The more we spend and increase the education bureaucracy while reducing local parental control, the more our rankings will fall.

As the old saying goes, 100 years ago we taught Greek & Latin in schools, now we teach remedial Math and English in college. So, how do we fix education to return us to #1 in the world?

It’s rather simple. We must take the following steps:

  1. End the public school monopoly and allow true competition via Education Savings Accounts and parental choice
  2. End the power of the teacher unions to hold children as hostages
    • End the ability to strike except in extreme circumstances
    • Open contract negotiations to the public
    • Eliminate the union dues forced on each teacher and allow them the freedom to choose choice whether to pay for political donations
  3. Allow the local communities to vote on the opening of a local charter school
  4. Allow closed school facilities to be used for charter or private schools
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  1. Your analysis is correct but we need to address this with a total Free Market Capitalistic solution that limits the corruption and crime in the Public Sector. A K12 Universal Voucher System that limits the Total Public Sector spending to $7K annually per student and allows the parents to choose a Public, Private, Parochial or Virtual Education System for their child would immediately address the dysfunctional Public Education System and reduce the unnecessary cost to the taxpayers. The other reform needed is that ALL Public Sector Labor Agreements be ratified at the ballot box to eliminate another massive fraud by the criminals of the Public Sector. The time to address the Epic levels of fraud and crime of the Public Sector is running out if this nation is to be saved.

    • fedupMan says:

      I agree but the unions and IL Dem pols will NEVER allow this to happen. Ain’t gonna happen with the current bunch of D’s running IL with IRON fist, think Madigan. Besides the free stuff army has to be kept happy by the D’s.

  2. concerned taxpayer says:

    One other factor is ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) which keeps changing and increasing requirements for teacher certification. They recently switched from a teaching certificate to a teacher license, for example. Dealing with ISBE is an arduous task…just another layer of bureaucracy.

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