Public School Disaster

The Cato Institute has just published a nationwide study called “State Education Trends, Academic Performance and Spending over the last 40 years.” It leaves no doubt that the cost of public education has steadily increased (allowing for inflation) and the achievement has remained constant at the same low level.

We taxpayers as parents are getting a very poor return for the ever increasing tax cost of an inferior education for our children in the K12 system.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, Forbes Magazine published an extensive review of cost and results way back in 1993. I was so impressed with the study that I purchased 1,000 copies and I still have 3 left. That study looks like it was just performed in Illinois yesterday.

Many studies of the poor quality of the American K12 school system show that even privileged community schools in areas such as Barrington score in the middle of the 30 countries in that lengthy yearly report. We just get poor education quality for our K12 kids throughout our whole nation. The lengthy Cato report shows plenty of variation between states, but each state shows that costs goes up while test scores remain low. That SAT score is shown as a flat line. It would look much worse if the SAT had not been changed multiple times to make it look better during the last 40 years.

A similar study by Forbes magazine in 1993 clearly shows the achievement scores plunging while the salaries and other costs increase, as is shown in the Cato graphs.

What is the common ingredient that causes nationwide poor performance in K12 schooling? The common cause is called “Single payer”. That means you don’t choose or pay for that so-called service. No, you just pay taxes for the service, and the government provides the service as they see fit. You lose control of where, when, and how your child is served. In the past schools were provided locally and so you retained some control through local school boards. That never worked too well in large school districts like Chicago.

But now the Federal government has taken an ever increasing role in all local education districts. That is what Common Core is about. It isn’t about quality unless you’re thinking it’s getting worse. You are losing control of what is taught to your child. They don’t teach morals or math anymore.

There is a further extension of the “Single Payer” system that is enveloping your medical care, “Obama Care” that is an “Obamanation”.   If we don’t get rid of Obama’s plan the quality of medical care will go down and costs will go up. Your choices will be limited. You will stand in line, at their convenience, not yours; you will be rationed and old folks will be denied costly treatments

It’s clear that “Single Payer” is rapidly raising costs, and lowering your choice for service or quality.

There is a common thread running through education, medical care, and the former large automobile industry. It’s the various unions. They destroyed the auto business until they bankrupted the industry in this country. It’s being rebuilt in the U.S. southern states, with mostly foreign companies taking advantage of Right to Work Laws.

40 Years ago the auto unions were in charge until the Japanese made better cars, (better quality) than General Motors. The President of General Motors is not really the boss, the customer is the boss. Industrial manufacturing companies of 40 years ago became unionized by violent tactics, such as the United Auto Workers and Hoffa’s CIO Union forced 39% into becoming unionized. The real boss is the customer, however, and they turned to better and cheaper foreign cars. Now there are less than 7% of American companies that have those violent unions.

Now the abusive unions have taken over many government jobs, especially those in the nationwide NEA, and the IEA (Illinois Education Association). They are part of the “Single Payer” system. They control your local and state education right down to the subjects (morality and arithmetic are now considered taboo), the buildings also. We must all wake up to the ever more powerful government at both the state and national levels. Obama and other socialists are taking over.

America was founded as a nation of “Small Governement, Big People”. The reverse is happening, “Big government, Small People”. Take it back before we can’t!

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  1. The Public Education System serves the Political Class and the union members well. It provides a dependent class which is easy to manipulate and enslave for the two Parties to manipulate. The facts show that the Parochial, Private and “Virtual” K12 Systems dramatically outperform their Public Sector counterparts, and they do this at less than 30% of the Public Sector costs per student. In fact these alternative K12 Systems normally provide the students a World Class Education. There should be a Universal K12 Voucher System in the US with a maximum total Public Sector expenditure of $7K per student annually and allowing the parents to take this Voucher to the K12 Education System of their choice. This would provide a real education into the life of these Public Education students and markedly address the massive fraud that is being perpetrated on the taxpayers of this country. The magnitude of the fraud can be seen in any Public Sector Labor Agreement and is the reason why there is a 50% over staffing and compensation level plus the millionaire pension scam. This Public K12 Education System is not only destroying the life of the students but it is bankrupting America.

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