Madigan Doesn’t Like Term Limits for Himself

TermLimitPetitionPictureLast week, The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits filed 591,092 petition signatures with the Secretary of State and the Illinois State Board of Elections asking a constitutional amendment be put on the November ballot to limit state lawmakers to 8 years in office, lower the number of State Senators to 41 and raise the number of State Representatives to 123.

In order to place an amendment on the ballot the proposition must be both structural and procedural according to article XIV, section 3 of the Illinois Constitution.

Back in 1990 Steve Merriman, Jim Tobin and I got 515,000 signatures to place a taxpayer rights amendment on the ballot. The amendment would have required a super majority to pass any tax increase and required a two-week period of debate before passage. The courts claimed our initiative wasn’t “procedural or structural” and they struck it down.

Bruce Rauner’s Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits filed their petitions Wednesday morning and by afternoon Michael Madigan’s mouthpieces had filed their lawsuit aiming to strike it down.

The lawsuit is claiming that the term limits proposal is neither structural nor procedural. The term limit proponents claim that they meet both requirements by changing the size of the House and Senate (structural) and requiring a higher super majority to over ride a Governor’s veto (procedural).

Time will only tell if the amendment will be allowed on the ballot for Illinoisans to decide but keep in mind who controls the court system in Illinois; the Democrats. As I said before, King Madigan is leading the charge against the ballot initiative. He’s been in office for 43 years for crying out loud; of course he doesn’t want term limits!

Illinois is broken. We’re known globally for being the most crooked and the most broke of all the states in the union. Our great state has fallen victim to the bipartisan culture of sleaze and the career politicians who have run Illinois into the ground for their own personal and political gain.

Illinois will not recover unless we kick these corrupt bums out! Will the courts allow the people to decide on this or will a bunch of Madigan-supported judges keep the citizens of Illinois from having a voice again?

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  1. I am not a supporter of terms limits since the basic aspect of the election system allows the voters to limit candidates. But in the US and Illinois the Election System no longer operates in a Republic under a Constitution as the corruption and crime has reached Epic levels in the Public Sector. Today we no longer have a functional representative Government that servants of the citizens. Today you have socialism or Communism that plunders the citizens for their own enrichment. The actions here to prevent any Democratic process just is another indication of the despots in charge.

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