Tammy Duckworth Attacks Kaifesh Using Walsh and the Koch Brothers

In typical Tammy Duckworth fashion, she fund raises by attacking her opponent Larry Kaifesh by using Joe Walsh and the Koch Brothers as the proxy.  Here are some excerpts from the email:

This week, our opponent was a featured speaker at the Illinois Tea Party tax day rally, alongside Joe Walsh and the Illinois state director for the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.
Kaifesh was one of many speakers, not a featured speaker.
After he finished speaking, the rally’s M.C. said, “I’m sure many of you remember Walsh vs. Duckworth. It’s going to be just as ugly this time.”
This comment was in reference to the nasty and extremely personal mailers from the Duckworth campaign aimed at Joe.  It is clear Democrats are the masters at the politics of personal destruction.
At the rally, our opponent made clear that, like fellow attendee Joe Walsh, he’s running to be a poster child for the Tea Party’s radical agenda. When talking about the size of the federal government, he said, “You can get rid of half of it and not miss a beat.” 
In short, he’s just the kind of right-wing extremist our old Super PAC foes would love to see in Congress.
You are a radical  and an extremist if you believe in lower taxes, balanced budgets, and free market policies. The Duckworth campaign is admitting they are in favor of higher taxes, more debt and government control of markets.
The right-wing money machine is ramping up for November and they’re going to make this a tough race. But with supporters like you on our side, I know we can beat them again.
  • Emily’s List – Radical pro-abortion group
  • Democrat Congressional Committee
  • JStreet PAC – A self described pro-Israel group while reality is they are anti-Israel

Top 5 Industries Donating to Duckworth:

  • Lawyers and Law Firms
  • Women’s Issues, i.e. Abortion rights groups
  • Retired
  • Leadership PACs
  • Democrat/Liberal Causes

Knowing Duckworth’s donors, it is clear she has the actual radical extremist support whereas Kaifesh has the common sense good government support.


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  1. Uncle_Buckeye says:

    Chicago politics ……………

  2. Great article, Lennie, and accurate, I know this because I was there at the Chicago Tax Day TEA Party event last week.

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