Big Government, Little People or Little Government, Big People

With Tax Day upon us, it is time to reflect on which paradigm our country was founded on. Was it Big Government, Little People or Little Government, Big People?

Illinois use to be a great state. It was said that even during the depression, if you couldn’t find a job here, you couldn’t find a job anywhere. What destroyed this atmosphere was the switch from little government, big people to big government, little people. As the government got bigger, the people got smaller. As government added more and more services wanting to “take care of the people”, they instead took more and more money from the people. Instead of taking care of the people, they effectively took control of the people and diminished the middle class and entrepreneur that once made this state great.

The government has created a “single payer system” in education and is now trying to do the same to our healthcare. This means we citizens pay taxes to big government which tells we the people what services we are allowed and what they will pay for.

Consider what “single payer” has done to K12 education here in Illinois, and similarly everywhere. We pay about $12,000 per child per year for the K12 education of our children. The Education Report Card ranks Illinois number 28 with a grade of C while their expenditures per student is 21st.

It’s the same across the country. As government adds more regulations, more taxes, and more fees, it becomes harder for people to start new businesses; harder for them to make ends meet. People are forced to work more just to keep afloat. Big government creates little people.

As we pay taxes today, we reflect on the fact that we must work nearly 4 months out of the year just to pay those taxes. We also spend more on Federal and State taxes than we do on food, clothing and housing [see chart below].

The evidence is overwhelming that we need to return this state and nation to being LITTLE Government, BIG people if we want to thrive again.


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  1. Your are on the mark in principle but being kind in the extent of the problem. The average cost per student in the K12 Public Education System using the total costs is around $14K annually with many operations well over $20K per student. This is over 4 times that of the Private, Parochial and “Virtual” System cost for a outstanding Education approaching World Class status. The Government or Public Sector problem is not only their attempt at providing more services than necessary but rather their totally incompetent operations that have a cost structure that is beyond exorbitant and sustainable. We have 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus a millionaire Pension scam throughout the entire Public Sector at the Federal, state and local levels. What is needed is major restructuring and reform of the entire Public Sector operation which is nothing but epic levels of corruption being practiced on the taxpayers today.

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