Rauner/Quinn to meet at IEA Gathering

IEA Preview

Bruce Rauner and Pat Quinn will speak this afternoon to the Illinois Education Association.

The meeting is an opportunity to distinguish rhetoric from reality between the two candidates and their support of teachers and strong schools.

On one side, Pat Quinn gives lip service to the importance of education, but has a history of telling teachers want they want to hear, only to later break his promises.

Meanwhile, Bruce Rauner has personally devoted countless time and resources to supporting teachers and improving schools. As governor, he will make improving education his top priority.

Pat Quinn Bruce Rauner
Quinnocchio on Education Funding

Speaking To The Illinois Education Association In 2009, Quinn Promised To Fight For More Funding For Education. “[Pat Quinn’s] assurances that he was on their side and would fight for more funding for education brought them to their feet.  ‘What a difference a real governor makes, huh?’ Ken Swanson, president of the Illinois Education Association, yelled over the loud standing ovation Quinn received.” (Don Babwin, “Illinois Governor Tells Teachers He’s With Them,” The Associated Press, 3/12/09)

Quinn: “A Lot Of Things I’d Like To Do That We May Not Be Able To Afford To Do, But We’re Not Going To Cut Back On Education.” (Don Babwin, “Illinois Governor Tells Teachers He’s With Them,” The Associated Press, 3/12/09)

Pat Quinn Pushed His Then 1 Percent Tax Hike At The 2010 Illinois Education Association Conference, Threatening Education Cuts If It Wasn’t Passed. “But it was a very different scene for Quinn at the Illinois Education Association’s banquet Friday, where he was greeted with howls, whistles and waving banners backing his tax hike push. ‘Together we will make it happen,’ a beaming Quinn declared to the 1,500 or so teachers union members in Rosemont.  In order to turn his plan into reality, Quinn must now move that enthusiasm from teachers — those being slapped with pink slips because of $1.3 billion in state education cuts under his budget — to parents and the lawmakers represented by them in the General Assembly.  ‘It is obviously critical,’ Quinn said after his debate with Republican state Sen. Bill Brady”(Joseph Ryan, “Pressure: Will The Push For An Income Tax Increase Work?,” Chicago Daily Herald, 3/20/10)

But Pat Quinn’s Cut Education Spending Anyway. Pat Quinn has cut elementary and secondary education funding by more than $600 million. (CGFA 2014 Budget Summary p. 165)

Committed to Strengthening Education

Bruce has pledged to increase education funding as governor. He believes education is the most important thing we do as a community and should be the top priority in Illinois.

Personally devoted to the cause. Bruce has invested countless hours and resources to improving education in Illinois. Among many, his efforts have included leading the Chicago Public Education Fund, which helped more teachers achieve National Board Certification and has personally funded a Chicago program aimed at financially rewarding the best performing principals.

Quinnocchio on Teacher Pensions

Speaking To The Illinois Education Association In 2009, Quinn Promised “To Work To Protect Pensions Of Current State Employees.” “The governor was greeted with a raucous demonstration in support of fair funding.  He reacted by pledging that education would remain the state’s top priority and by stating his commitment to reduce the state’s reliance on property taxes to fund schools.  He promised to work to protect pensions of current state employees and said he doubts the proposal to combine the state pension systems (opposed by IEA) is going anywhere.” (Charles McBarron, “Gov. Quinn Gets Real At IEA RA,” Illinois Education Association Blog, 3/12/09)

Illinois Education Association Sued Pat Quinn of Pension Bill. “The suit, involving the AFL-CIO, Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federations of Teachers, AFSCME Council 31, SEIU Local 73 and other unions, was filed in Sangamon County, where thousands of current and past government workers live. The 25 named plaintiffs are current and retired state workers, Downstate and suburban teachers and university employees who belong to those and other unions. The group alleges the pension law that proponents said would ease the state’s $100 billion pension crisis violates the pension clause of the state Constitution, which says public pensions can’t be diminished or impaired.” (Dave McKinney, “Public-sector unions sue Gov. Quinn over pension reform,” Chicago Sun-Times, 1/28/14)

Committed to Teachers’ Retirements

Bruce Rauner has helped produce tremendous results on behalf of the Teacher Retirement System. “The state’s largest pension program, the Teachers’ Retirement System, has invested $120 million in three GTCR funds since 2000, with a return of 25 percent, spokesman Dave Urbanek said. In comparison, all of TRS’s private-equity investments have had a 10-year return of 14.6 percent, Urbanek said. The S&P 500 during that period has returned 3.6 percent, so GTCR indeed has more than doubled the stock market’s performance specifically in its TRS work.” (John O’Connor, “GOP Gov Candidates Cite Proudest Accomplishments,” Associated Press, 3/9/14)

IEA President Cinda Klickna Led Motion to Invest in GTCR. “On a motion by Cinda Klickna, seconded by Sharon Leggett, it was resolved:  To allocate $50 million in GTCR Fund VIII, L.P., subject to satisfactory completion of contract and fee negotiations.  Source of funds shall be the TRS Cash Flow account.” (Illinois Teacher Retirement System, “Board of Trustee Minutes,” 5/23/03)

Wants Teachers to Have Control of Their Retirement Savings. Bruce believes teachers should be able to keep the pensions that they’ve honestly accrued, but moving forward they should be shifted into a defined-contribution style system that puts teachers in charge instead of the politicians.

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