Democrats Kill Madigan Millionaire Tax


Michael Madigan’s millionaire tax for the “children” was killed by Democrats Jack Franks (D-63rd) and Scott Drury (D-58th).

Drury stated:

“The problem with these stand-alone proposals is that no one knows what the final product looks like,” Drury said in a statement. “We cannot rebuild Illinois’ fiscal house without a comprehensive plan, yet that is what we are being asked to do.”

Jack Franks stated:

“With Governor Quinn, there’s no taxation without misrepresentation,” Franks said. “When [the millionaire tax] was presented initially, it was before the governor made clear his intention to make the tax hike permanent, or to create a property tax rebate that would in fact cost McHenry County families more.”

As usual, Madigan’s spokesperson, Steve Brown, blamed the Republicans:

Brown attacked Republicans, not Drury and Franks, saying the GOP was choosing millionaires over children.

With a super majority of 71 Democrats in the House, NO Republican votes were even needed for this constitutional amendment to be put on the ballot.

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  1. There is a need for tax reform not any increase in taxes in order to restore economic growth and end the economic suicide and destruction here. That means starting with a massive restructuring of the Public Sector operations which have 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus a millionaire Pension Scam. The tax system should be a Flat Tax no more than 2% eliminating all subsidies, deductions, double and triple taxation and inheritance taxes. The excessive license fees, property taxes, etc. should be curtailed and eliminated were possible. Today we the result of the crime and corruption throughout the Public Sector operations as the basic services of these operations are curtailed while its members enrich themselves and their friends. It is time to operate a sustainable Public Sector operation that performs the necessary functions and no more. And most importantly it is time to end the corruption and Communism in this system and restore the rule of Law and the US Constitution.

    • weakglovehand says:

      what you’re asking is that some politician act like Walker in Wisc. Sorry Madigan calls the shots in this state, nothing changes til he’s out. Even then it will take time to reverse the damage, corruption, and entitlement mentality that so is Chicago and Illinois.

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