Chicago’s Middle Class is Disappearing

Daniel Kay Hertz, student at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy has an animated gif showing how the middle class has disappeared in Chicago.  Whose policies are causing the disaster that is Chicago?  Democrats of course.  Republicans haven’t had a Mayor in Chicago since William Hale Thompson from 1927-1931.

You can view the individual maps at Daniel’s website.  Hat tip CBS Chicago.


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  1. You cannot have a middle class at these levels of outright extortion by the Public Sector on taxpayers. The exorbitant levels of taxation via numerous taxation structures and mechanisms and the destruction of the private sector economy due to these criminal and exorbitant Public Sector operations there is no possibility of a vibrant Middle Class. Anyone can see that Communism just does not work to build a future at any level.

  2. concerned taxpayer says:

    Yes, Wolf, the only people who are still middle class are government workers.

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