No Endorsements for Republican State Central Committee

As outlined in my article “The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New!” last year, the Republican State Central Committee is organized incorrectly making it impotent.

There’s a reason for this political policy disaster that has wound up in political impotency. The IRCC is organized for failure in its basic structure.

This failure has been demonstrated by losses in both the State House and State Senate over the past decade. Not only have we remained the minority party, our losses have put us in the superminority in both State Houses making us irrelevant in solving the dire problems in our state.

It’s time to reorganize the Republican Party around the 102 counties of Illinois, instead of the Congressional Districts, according to the weighted Republican votes in each county.

Because of the impotency and failure prone State Central Committee I will not be making any endorsements in the upcoming elections of its members.

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