Madigan Proposes “Millionaires Tax”

House Speaker, Michael Madigan proposed a 3% surcharge on those making more than a million dollars on Thursday. The tax on the wealthy is being pushed as a way to make up for the reduction in public education funding over the last few years. Under the new proposal, the first million would be taxed at the current personal rate with the excess being charged an extra 3%.


It has been speculated that this proposal is being pushed due to the unlikely probability of a progressive income tax passing the house. The Democrats hold 71 seats in the Illinois House – the same number needed to pass a constitutional amendment. With all Republicans signing Rep. David McSweeney’s pledge to oppose the progressive tax and the possibility of some Democrats opposing it, the bill appears to have stalled.


This is a veiled attempt at righting the ship and it signals a beginning to the Democrats push to make the 2014 general elections about class warfare and income inequality.


Today, Madigan had this to say about those who argue it will drive job creators and their tax dollars out of the state, “Well, if they’re in Illinois today they’re probably so much in love with Illinois that they’re not going to leave and they’ll be grateful for this opportunity to support lower education.”


So essentially Madigan is saying the state is so far gone that anyone who is still here is only here because of their love for the state and not the economic policies that Madigan and his allies have used to drive the state into the ground.


Perhaps instead of another tax that will further encourage people to leave, Madigan should focus on how he can retain those jobs through pro growth policies that don’t demonize people for their success.


We are at a point in time where the only group you can legally discriminate against is the wealthy!


Illinois does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem.


Taxing the rich is not the way to solve the problem.

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  1. There should be no tax increases for this “criminal operation” the Public Sector instead there should be massive restructuring and reform including prosecution for this Public Sector. It is time to put these criminals behind bars. The crimes by these Public Sector members are fully documented in every Public Sector Labor Agreement and the biggest fraud in history the Public Sector Pension Plans.There is absolutely no need for higher taxation in a mismanaged operation like this.

  2. concerned taxpayer says:

    Couldn’t the Dems also pass a constitutional amendment striking the clause that says that pensions can never be diminished etc.? Wouldn’t that solve the pension situation?

  3. The Constitutional Amendments require approval by the Voters. What is even more interesting is that this Public Sector Pension fraud can never be adjudicated in any US Court since the Judicial Branch (the Judges) are all major beneficiaries of this fraud. The best solution is complete bankruptcy of the entire Government Local, state and Federal to wipe this fraud off the books but one must realize that the benefits of the innocent taxpayers who did not participate in this fraud in any way may also be impacted on their entitlements depending on the magnitude of the bankruptcy and again it cannot be handled by the US Judicial System at any level. This is a most interesting situation in this greatest crime ever committed in World history to date.

  4. Danni Smith says:

    just lil ole’ me-there’s a feeling of living inside a household of a pathologically disfunctional family. Escape and never look back-I have the final word in Illinois, Land of Leavin’.

  5. Danni Smith says:

    Illinois, poor, poor Illinois. Those politicians have destroyed you. You have been raped and pillaged. Tortured and racked. You are suffering and begging for mercy. Your pleas for help, to stop, ignored. You are dying from thirst and yearning. The more you bleed the more they whip you. You are on end-of-life care. You are nearly a carrion body as the vultures have stopped flying overhead and now encircle you pecking at your torso for a reaction of remaining lifeforce . Your death certificate names the cause. A not so rare malady, highly contagious, spread from shore to shore, Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and across the plains, Illinois, California. A deadly brain virus, known as Tax’em. The carriers are recognized as progressives and the only vaccine is the endless sweating of conservatives. But there is not enough. Needing a stable temperature, too often it is destroyed by icy cold calculations of voter fraud. It is an excruciating death as it slowly destroys eats your mind, body and spirit of its inborn freedom. Caravans from the Land of Leavin’ have been found with survivors who have been restored and flourish in untainted air where the word, “springfield” has never been written, spoken, heard. It’s a paradise known as Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, and some say Canada and even Russia.

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