Verschoore/Quinn Tax Increase a Jobs Killer

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September 20th, 2012

Neil Anderson
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Verschoore/Quinn Tax Increase a Jobs Killer

Moline, IL – Neil Anderson, candidate for State Representative in the 72nd IL House District, is challenging his opponent’s record on jobs and taxes, calling the Verschoore/Quinn tax increase a jobs killer.

“My opponent wants voters to ignore his terrible record on jobs and taxes,” Anderson said. “Pat Verschoore voted with Governor Quinn to raise taxes on Illinois working families and small businesses by 67 percent. After their tax hike took effect, Illinois lost more jobs in the summer of 2011 than any other state in the nation. The Verschoore/Quinn tax increase is a jobs killer.”

In January 2011, during a lame-duck session of the Illinois General Assembly, incumbent State Rep. Pat Verschoore cast the deciding vote for Senate Bill 2505, which increased Illinois’ income tax by 67 percent, costing working families an extra $1,500 per year. SB 2505 increased taxes by $7 billion, the largest tax increase in state history.

On August 31, 2011, The Fiscal Times reported: “Thanks to Illinois governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois legislature Illinois loses most jobs in the nation.”

Under Verschoore and Quinn, Illinois has lost over 136,000 jobs. More than 600,000 Illinoisans are currently out of work. Anderson indicated that local unemployment continues to be high.

“Here in Rock Island County, we’ve got an unemployment rate of 8.1 percent,” Anderson said. “More than 6,000 of our people are out of work. Thousands more are struggling to make ends meet. Pat Verschoore can run from his record but he can’t hide the simple truth that his tax increase is driving jobs and families out of Illinois.”

“I am working hard to earn the trust and support of the voters and I pledge that if I’m elected, on my first day in office, I will file legislation to repeal the Verschoore/Quinn tax hike,” Anderson added. “Our families deserve a State Representative who will stand up to Pat Quinn and the Chicago politicians. My top priority is job creation and I will do everything I can to attract jobs and opportunity back to Illinois.”

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