Che-cago teachers strike riddled with radicals having a blast

Produced by Jeremy Segal (aka RebelPundit)

In its second day, the Chicago Teachers Union strike plays host to a teacher exclaiming “this is the best I’ve felt in my entire career teaching!” Another protester, wearing a Che Guevara shirt, says he was a “role model standing for the people.” At that point, she showed the socialist fist. chronicles the general carnival-like atmosphere in the streets of Chicago as the teachers continue to betray the students.

CTU Strike, Che, Anarachist and Teachers Protest

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  1. concerned taxpayer says:

    This video makes me boil. Who is looking out for the people who are paying the bills? No one! This strike will make people think twice about buying a home in the city. I never would if I had school age kids!

  2. how did i end up here? says:

    You misspelled the word anarchist in your tags. A Che Guevara t-shirt can be found at any shopping mall. It isn’t very radical. You sound like the weird old people in the movie Footloose.

  3. It is not radicals but rather criminals throughout the entire Public Sector. Start with a 50% over staffing and compensation and finish with their fraudulent millionaire pension plans and you see the corruption in this entire system and the collusion between the Politicians and the unions. Taxpayers need major reform here starting with a Voucher System of $7K per student annually and all Public Sector Labor Contracts need to be approved at the ballot box by the taxpayers. It is clear that this fraud cannot be ended from the inside when the recipients of the fraud sit on both sides of the bargaining table. The Public Sector Pension scam in the US for the 23 million employees has already put a $50 Trillion obligation on the backs of taxpayers and that does not include the excessive operation costs. The private sector is being raped and pillaged at will by the Public Sector and we are not heading to the fiscal cliff we are already well over the cliff. We are bankrupt at a nation and the Public Sector operations are the principle cause at all levels federal, state and municipal.

  4. What these idiot Socialist Teachers don’t realize is; 1. In a Free Society you can choose to be or do what you want to. A teacher, doctor, iron worker, fireman etc. 2. In a socialist society the decision is made for you. You have no choice.
    Also another frightening question is are the children of Chicago or any other city for that matter being taught this trash? I believe the answer is a resounding YES!.

  5. concerned taxpayer says:

    Ken, you are so right. No one is holding a gun to the heads of these teachers and forcing them to work for CPS. On another note: the Lake Forest school board is correct that they turn away THOUSANDS of applicants each year. There is no teacher shortage in Illinois. There are thousands of eager certified teachers who would take these CPS jobs (see various columns by Bill Zettler).

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