Craver: One small column, one big March primary

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Regardless of how you feel about Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, you have to acknowledge that his shaking up the GOP race has made it something it hasn’t been for a long time: Interesting.

It’s been fun watching the Republican establishment pitch a fit over the audacity of a usurper to mess up the party’s tried-and-true strategy of nominating insiders because they put in their time and it’s their turn to lose.

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KEEP THE TIP: Confidential to GOP candidates cuddling up to unions that want to stop Rauner – if you win the primary, labor will stop returning your calls effective March 19.

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LOCAL “TEMPORARY” TAXES: At least two McHenry County taxing bodies are asking voters to extend bonds that are scheduled to be retired.

• • •

THE 377 BOARD BILLY GOAT: Will the Curse of the McHenry County Mental Health Board defeat another referendum?

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