Daily Herald Chooses Status Quo with Endorsement


The Daily Herald has chosen to endorse Kirk Dillard for Governor on the GOP side.  Let’s take a look at some of their reasoning [my comments noted by each]:

  1. Dillard worked for Edgar and was “without question he was a key architect, adviser and coordinator”  [They fail to mention Edgar made the then temporary tax increase permanent, and the Edgar/Madigan pension ramp that made the finances look good in the short term, but set us on our path to financial crisis]
  2. Dillard’s experience in the system  [Over $100 billion in debt, lowest credit rating in the country, over 20 yrs experience in the system has worked out well so far, NOT.]
  3. Suburban background  [more pitting Chicagoland against downstate. Shouldn’t voters want the BEST candidate, not just the one who lives in a certain location]
  4. Disagree with Dillard on Same-Sex Marriage and Pension Reform, says Dillard’s pension reform vote, “smacks of political opportunism”   [Both votes were political opportunism. Dillard’s voting record has proven he is not a social conservative, but he needs their votes in the primary. Pension reform is the same, he needs the Teacher Union money if he wants a chance at winning the primary]
  5. They talk about Dillard career as “moderate, economically sound principles” [Raising taxes and flipping back and forth on social issues is moderate and not conservative as his campaign states]
  6. In their closing, “the candidate with the best combination of meaningful experience, opposition to the status quo, assertive, courageous leadership and clearly articulated vision” [This is funny given their whole reasoning above was for status quo and how Dillard exemplified it the most]

Rauner got more than a mention with [shortened for brevity]

“the hard economic times … can make the candidacy of a talented outsider like Bruce Rauner very tempting. … As ineffectual as Illinois government is, there is great risk in simply blowing it all up and starting from scratch.”

To reiterate from earlier, Illinois is now over $100 billion in debt and has the lowest credit rating in the country.  Remember Einstien’s definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  How has the status quo been working in Illinois?

You can read the entire endorsement at the Daily Herald


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  1. This endorsement falls right in line with the Media and their Political associations. At least the taxpayers now can see the participants and members of the Epic fraud in World history that has been orchestrated by the Party insiders and their media friends. Hopefully the taxpayers wake up and disregard these media sources that cater to their agenda and Political friends rather than report the truth.

  2. Eileen Wright says:

    Anyone but Rauner

  3. Dillard is endorsed by the IEA.
    What have IEA and IFT lobbyists been doing in Springfield the last 40 years?
    You don’t know because the reporting on IEA and IFT lobbyist influence over legislation is sparse.
    IEA and IFT lobbyists have historically been 500 lb Gorillas in Springfield.
    They wield enormous clout because of their influence on legislator and Governor elections.
    Historically a politician couldn’t go wrong siding with the IEA or IFT on any issue.
    No one had enough money, campaign contributions, votes, and electioneering assistance to provide a level playing field.
    Here are some specifics.
    The Illinois Education Association lobbyists lobbied for and received pension benefit hikes IN THE VERY SAME YEARS pensions were being underfunded from 1971 to present.
    Think about that.
    Not enough money to fully fund pensions.
    So let’s make the problem worse by passing state laws which will further underfund pensions.
    That is insane.
    But it happened for 40 years, almost every year, like clockwork.
    If it wasn’t more generous pension benefits, it was more generous retiree healthcare benefits.
    Instead IEA and IFT lobbyists should have been lobbying to fully fund pensions, then after pensions are fully funded, then lobby for benefit increases.
    But no.
    The opposite happened.
    Here is a specific example.
    Amongst people whom follow the issue it’s common knowledge the TRS pension fund is underfunded and has been for decades.
    What TRS pension legislation occurred in 2013?
    At least two.
    One was the IEA lobbied for and received from the General Assembly an EXTENSION of the TRS Early Retirement Option (ERO) program which would have EXPIRED in 2013 if it was not EXTENDED for 3 years.
    Letting ERO expire would have been a pension reform.
    The unions will say the employer and employee fully fund ERO.
    Well that is based on projections.
    And past projections have not been accurate.
    So the contribution amounts were increased.
    And guess what.
    The employer contributes TWICE as much to ERO as employees to fund the TRS pension fund to compensate for early retirement.
    Instead of the employer contribution to ERO, wouldn’t it make more sense to eliminate ERO and just having the State give the local school district less funding and sending the resulting savings to an underfunded TRS pension fund?
    Then you begin to see how there is only so much money and choices have to be made on how it is spent.
    And unlike the private sector where early retirement is typically a reduction in force (RIF), ERO is rarely a RIF.
    There is rarely a RIF with ERO.
    Rather, a replacement workers just takes the place of the just retired worker.
    So no taxpayers are footing the bill for an underfunded early retirement pension PLUS the cost of the replacement worker.
    How is that “saving” money.
    ERO did not always exist.
    It was created and expanded to pacify IEA union lobbyists.
    Did you see the any Daily Herald editorials are in depth articles about ERO renewal.
    You have to ask yourself why not.
    Have they been swayed by the teachers and administrators?
    How has the Daily Herald been covering public education topics?
    The Daily Herald has printed all sorts of Teacher Appreciation articles last year and this year.
    Big warm and fuzzy articles.
    Big prominently displayed articles.
    Many more Teacher Appreciation articles in much greater depth than Pension Reform articles.
    Many more.
    Teacher Appreciation articles are great.
    Keep them rolling in.
    Most people appreciate most teachers.
    The main group who is spreading the rumor that teachers are not appreciated, is teacher unions who have to keep their members stirred up to keep the dues and political contributions rolling in.
    Now what people get angry about is a lousy teaching remaining on the job, some for 30 years, because of state laws that make it so expensive to get rid of a lousy teacher.
    Teachers know there are lousy teachers and know who they are.
    It’s no secret.
    There have been reforms in this area but the problem persists, so apparently the reforms haven’t kicked in or are not strong enough.
    The worst type of lousy teacher is one that has sex with students.
    Happens more than you think.
    There is likely a convicted case in your district or neighboring district.
    Most are settled out of court or before trial.
    Ask the trial attorneys who specialize in such matters.
    The problem is as big as the Church Priests and such having sex with kids, it’s just been reported less.
    If you Google the subject you will come up with all kinds of hits.
    While it’s a very small percentage of the kids, it happens a lot more than you think, and if it happens to your kid it really sucks.
    You don’t hear a peep from the union about teachers having sex with kids.
    Where is the education about that.
    The union is there to defend teachers, not kids.
    It’s a teacher union not a kid union.
    There are specific laws that apply to the union, and it’s very clear from the law that the union exists to protect teachers not kids.
    Just to make the point clear to those who believe the union protects kids.
    Well there are of course some good things that unions do that benefit kids.
    But where the rubber meets the road, it’s teachers first.
    Teachers provide union dues to the union.
    Parents do not provide dues to the union.
    Tere are cases of false accusations by kids against teachers.
    Those cases are far fewer than the legitimate accusations.
    The union protects those teachers, or at least should.
    The whole point is the Daily Herald is under reporting the issue.
    And Kirk Dillard receiving money from the IEA is not conducive to him as a Governor someone standing up to the IEA union.
    The IEA does some good things but they have had way too much power in Springfield.
    Legislation has been passed over the years giving the IEA union and their members way too much power in Illinois.
    That has not always been the case.
    It’s the state laws that are the problem and they must be re-written so there is a proper balance of power.
    The IEA has had a HUGE influence on the state laws affecting the unions, teachers, and schools.
    The IEA deserves to have a voice but there has not been in the last 40 years a strong voice representing taxpayers, parents, and kids.
    Rauner is the only candidate who has said he will take on the unions.

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