Teacher Tenure Unconstitutional

A judge in California has ruled that teacher tenure and dismissal rules are unconstitutional because the are damaging the education opportunities of the children. Of course the teacher unions are unhappy: “This decision today is an attack on teachers, which is a socially acceptable way to attack children,” said Alex Caputo-Pearl, the president-elect of the […]

Editorial: Bad Management is Killing Illinois

Illinois is being destroyed because of bad management; bad management in cities and villages; bad management in school districts and especially bad management from Springfield. Michael Madigan is the longest serving Speaker of House in the entire country nearing 30 years.  During that time he has led this once great state to being the most […]

Wheaton-Warrenville Pays $40,000 for Superintendent to Replace Himself

The Superintendent of Wheaton Warrenville District 200, Dr. Brian Harris officially resigned this week to take the Superintendent job at Barrington District 220.  As part of the resignation agreement, the district is forgiving a $40,000 payment that Dr. Harris contractually was required to pay for his early resignation. In essence Dr. Harris is being paid […]

Legislative Update

2015 Budget House passed a budget of $35.7 Billions using accounting gimmicks of borrowing from other funds, delaying payment for some bills and relying on revenue increases that don’t exist (i.e. tax increase that they can’t get passed now. Remember, a vote for a budget that spends than they have is the same as voting […]

Editorial: Madigan and Democrats Tax Increase Attempts

We are now in the final week of the normal Legislative Session.  The House under Michael Madigan and Democrat control have passed 72 spending bills and so far all of them anticipate making the 2011 “temporary” tax increase permanent.  He also continues to put a so called millionaire tax on the ballot for November. Madigan […]

$357,000 Superintendent Pay

Marquadt Elementary School District 15 Superintendent is the highest paid Superintendent in Illinois at over $357,000.  That is an increase of over $30,000.  In addition he salary has increased by 160% since he started in 2002. The retirement system reports May’s “current creditable earnings” at $357,117, almost $23,000 more than any other educator in the system and one […]

Editorial: Institutionalized Racism in Illinois Public Schools

The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado reported this week that Illinois standards are being changed in a way that will institutionalize racism in our education system. How is the education bureaucracy doing this? The state is changing the standards students have to meet by “RACE”. Yes, each race will have a separate standard to meet. Here […]

Round Lake District 116 Planning to Rent Space from Lake Villa 41

The Lake Villa Elementary District 41 was planning to close Pleviak Elementary school this summer. Instead they have now reached a tentative agreement with Round Lake District 116 to rent the school to them. Here are the details as outlined by Round Lake Area News: Relocation of all RLAS-116 Kindergarten students from the Early Education […]

Teacher Grabs Kindergartner by Face

In a disturbing video a teacher is caught on surveillance video grabbing a kindergartner, putting him against the wall and then grabbing his face. CBS 3 Springfield – WSHM

Judge Halts Pension Reform

As many expected, a judge has issued a stay on the pension reform passed last December.  The case is likely to take a couple of years before it is decided at the Illinois Supreme Court. Here is a statement from the President of the Illinois AFL-CIO, Michael Carrigan: “This is an important first step in […]