Rauner Continues to Save State Money Just Running for Governor

On June 12th Bruce Rauner shared his blueprint for the start of reforming state spending.  Item #2 was a plan to sell the state planes saving the taxpayers $10 million dollars.  Today, Gov. Quinn announced $250 million in budget cuts.  As part of that plan, he is selling 9 of the state owned planes. This […]

Government Unions Join Democrats Againts Rauner

Last week it once again became crystal clear which side the government unions were on in the race for Illinois Governor.  The DGA (Democratic Governors Association) put $1 million into the Quinn campaign. In addition the teacher unions dumped in another $725,000. What does this mean?  It means there is going to soon be a […]

Rauner Budget Blueprint Released

Bruce Rauner has just released his Bring Back Blueprint: Government Reform and Cutting Government Waste. His top 10 priorities are: Cut Wasteful Spending Eliminate Execute Shuttle and Sell State Planes End Political Slush Funds No Pay or Pension as Governor Enact a Defined Contribution System For Legislators Restrict Outside Employment for Legislative Leaders 10% Cut […]

Quinnocchio Opposes Term Limits on November Ballot

“While Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan continue to fight against term limits in Illinois, Bruce Rauner stands squarely with the people in their call for reform and accountability. The people of Illinois deserve the chance to make their voices heard.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf As Bruce Rauner joins with the hundreds of thousands […]

ICYMI: Dem Lawmaker Questions Quinn’s Integrity

Illinois Radio Network is reporting that another high-profile Illinois Democrat is questioning Gov. Pat Quinn’s integrity – this time, State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) who took questions about the governor’s illegal hiring schemes: “Many of these people were hired because of their political positions as county chairpeople and (who) also happen to support the governor,” says State […]

How Conservatives Lose America – Forever

Are Conservatives waiting for the second coming of Ronald Reagan? And when it comes to voting, will some of them settle for nothing less?  It’s a worrisome thought considering two contradictingpoints the media is drilling down the throats of Americans… One: Dissent within the GOP is reaching fever-pitch. And Two: The GOP is going to sweep the 2014 […]

Rauner Robocalls on Pensions; Emmanuel Fires Back

Bruce Rauner makes robocalls to Chicago homeowners hitting Pat Quinn on the Chicago pension reform deal.  Here is the transcript: Hi, this is Bruce Rauner and I’m calling because Governor Pat Quinn is considering signing a bill that will let City Hall raise your property taxes.  I would veto this bill and block this property […]

Bruce Rauner Newest Commercial

Exclusive Illinois Mirror/WAS Poll: Rauner Leads Quinn by 13

A new, exclusive Illinois Mirror/Where America Stands poll — the first poll in this General Election contest — shows Republican nominee Bruce Rauner with a 13 point lead on incumbent Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Bruce Rauner (R) — 45.6% Pat Quinn (D) — 32.3% Chad Grimm (L) — 1.4% Green Party Candidate — 1.7% Undecided […]

Is Quinnocchio’s Nose Getting Longer?

– Property Tax Pledge Rhetoric Doesn’t Match the Reality – In an effort to soften the blow of his broken promise to keep the income tax hike temporary, Pat Quinn tore a page from his old failed playbook by proposing a $500 property tax rebate for homeowners, but even that promise is already being exposed […]