LTE: Higher property tax in CCSD33C does not mean a better education

By Steve Balich Amy Blank and Ed Compins voted not to raise the salaries of staff and non-certified members 3.237%. The Board needs to understand paying higher salaries at the expense of tax payers is unsustainable. Certified employees in CCSD 33C received 33.60% increase in wages over the last 7 years. Home values have dropped […]

$357,000 Superintendent Pay

Marquadt Elementary School District 15 Superintendent is the highest paid Superintendent in Illinois at over $357,000.  That is an increase of over $30,000.  In addition he salary has increased by 160% since he started in 2002. The retirement system reports May’s “current creditable earnings” at $357,117, almost $23,000 more than any other educator in the system and one […]