Kid Twirls a Pencil in Class, N.J. Threatens to Take Him From His Dad and Requires Blood and Urine Testing

In NJ a 13 year old twirled a pencil in class.  Another kid said he was making gun signals.  Of course the student was suspended. Now the other consequences have hit.  The father was told to take his son for psychological evaluation or lose custody. “The story that we expelled or suspended a student is […]

Middle-Schooler Suspended For Saving Her Friend’s Life

Here is another example in the past week about a school with zero common sense. This time a 6th grade student in Va Beach saw a friend getting ready to commit suicide with a razor blade. She didn’t have time to run find a teacher so she did the logical thing, she grabbed the razor […]

Fifth-Grader Suspended For Pointing His Finger

Here we go again when the zero tolerance rule stupidity.  This time it was Columbus, OH and a 10 year old boy was suspended for displaying at “level 2 lookalike firearm”.  Sounds scary right, but was it really? A Columbus principal suspended a student for three days last week after the child pointed a “lookalike firearm” […]

Child Carrying BB Guns on School Grounds Arrested

RENO, NV – Reno Police have arrested a 10-year-old boy near the Bailey Charter Elementary School area. ————————————————————————- Upon further inspection, officers learned that the child was riding his bike on school property with an air propelled BB gun. Police say the boy was carrying 2 BB guns, one rifle and one pistol. According to […]

Child Threatened with Expulsion for Playing with a Fake Bow and Arrow

Zero-tolerance policies need to be eradicated. They squelch common sense and allow for zero discretion. A perfect case in point is that of a 10-year old child who was suspended and threatened with expulsion for the simple act of pretending to shoot a fake arrow from his fake bow at a classmate. It was done […]