Will Governor Pat Quinn be Indicted?

Pat Quinn has been in the news a lot lately about the Anti-Volience program (Neighborhood Recovery Initiative) used apparently like a personal get out the vote slush fund. A quick recap of what happened is below: Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown’s husband received more than $100,000 salary and benefits State Legislator Will Davis wife Jaclin also […]

Whistleblower: African-American Employees Internally Referred to as “THE PLANTATION”

In shocking testimony to Congress, Whistle-blower Angela Martin described the racial and discrimination that takes place at CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). For those that don’t know the CFPB, it was created by President Obama and first headed by Elizabeth Warren.  It also was created under the Federal Reserve and has no Congressional oversight. From […]

Big Government, Little People or Little Government, Big People

With Tax Day upon us, it is time to reflect on which paradigm our country was founded on. Was it Big Government, Little People or Little Government, Big People? Illinois use to be a great state. It was said that even during the depression, if you couldn’t find a job here, you couldn’t find a […]

Rep. Linda Chapa Lavia Calls Rep. John Anthony “Half” Black

Democrat State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia during today floor debate stated, “We have a half. We have a half.” in referring to Republican State Rep John Anthony, who is African American.  This was an absurdly racist comment by a Democrat Hispanic Representative. UPDATE: Rep Chapa LaVia is claiming the “We have a half” was taken […]

Ready to Pay Higher Gas Tax And Car Repairs?

The Transportation for Illinois Coalition is proposing legislation to increase what you pay at the pump and on auto related work: Gas tax from 19 cents to 23 cents   (4 cent increase) Diesel Fuel tax from 21.5 cents to 28.5 cents  (7 cent increase) Increased vehicle registration fees Adding a sales tax to services […]

Governor Quinn Budget Address & Responses

Governor Pat Quinn finally presented his 2015 budget today.  You can read the full budget address here. Here is the basic outline: Make the temporary tax increase from 2010 permanent $500 property tax refund each year Job training tax cuts Establish solid spending caps $1.5 Billion for a Birth – 5 initiative Double the MAP […]

Quinn vs. Rauner: Let the class war begin

John Kass Fists raised, mouths twisted in anger. Think of “Les Miserables” on bad acid, a constant, pounding tribal dialogue of us vs. them. This one will be a class war. It is a campaign that probably should have been waged years ago, but politicians were happy to buy the support of public-sector unions with […]

Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC Announces 2014 Primary Endorsements

Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC Announces it’s 2014 Primary Endorsements. Senate District 24 Chris Nybo v. Dennis Reboletti A one-term State Rep., Chris Nybo has shown he’s not afraid to make the tough calls. He is an independent thinker and isn’t part of the GOP establishment that has for decades, gone along to get along in […]

Crain’s endorsement: Rauner offers best chance of change in Illinois

At the same time, Springfield has become so ossified that an endorsement of any gubernatorial candidate with a deep track record in the capital is tantamount to endorsing the status quo. For these reasons — and more — Crain’s supports business exec and first-time political candidate Bruce Rauner in the Republican gubernatorial primary on March 18. Mr. […]

Poll: Is Joe Walsh correct, is the LGBT community a group of “Constitutional Terrorists”?

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