Uncertified Election Systems in Chicago and Suburban Cook County

Defend the Vote has recently uncovered startling evidence that proves the voting systems used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County are not legally certified in Illinois. Voting systems are defined by Illinois Law as follows: “‘Voting system’ or ‘electronic voting system’ means that combination of equipment and programs used in the casting, examination and tabulation […]

Uncertified & Illegal! Election Board Letter Proves Cook County Election Equipment Used for the 2012 Presidential Election is Not Legal!

Defend the Vote is investigating the voting systems used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. As part of this investigation, we sent a protest letter to the Illinois State Board of Elections challenging the certification of the voting systems. State Board’s Executive Director, Rupert Borgsmiller, sent Defend the Vote a response including the chart below […]

What Motivates Individuals Committing Voter Fraud?

Meet Melowese Richardson; a woman who was sentenced to five years in prison for multiple voting. Richardson voted twice in the 2012 election, and three times for her sister, Montez Richardson, in 2008, 2011, and 2012. Montez has been in a coma since 2003.

Florida Identifies Cyberattack on Absentee Voting

With the way technology is growing these days, nobody should be surprised about the cyberattack identified in Florida during an August 2012 primary election. Or that’s what law Professor Candice Hoke, founding director of the Center for Election Integrity at Cleveland State University, seemed to be saying: “This has been in the cards, it’s been […]

86 Year Old Minnesota Woman Charged With Voting Fraud

An eighty-six year old woman living in Minnesota was recently charged with felony voter fraud for voting twice in the 2012 primary election. After discussing the incident with St. Peter detective Travis Sandland, Margaret Schneider remembers voting twice: once using an absentee ballot on July 13th, and again in person on Election Day. Furthermore, she […]

The Problems With Chicago

On November 19th, 2012, Defend the Vote’s Sharon Meroni testified at the Illinois State Board of Elections board meeting. As part of her testimony, Sharon gave the Board members a letter outlining Defend the Vote’s findings from the recent November election; not all of it good, but she felt it was important to alert the […]

Defend the Vote Enters the 2nd Congressional Race

Defend the Vote has been working to develop a hands on and real-time security-based reporting system for elections.  This involves fraud reporting and security reporting.  We have our prototype ready to go and will begin deploying it tomorrow in the 2nd Congressional race in Illinois. It’s new.  Time is short.  The impact unknown until we […]

Woman Accused of Double Voting in Ohio

A Democrat woman from Hamilton County, Ohio candidly admitted to a Cincinnati Channel 9 reporter that she voted multiple times in the last presidential election. Melowese Richardson was an official poll worker who registered thousands of people to vote, yet that wasn’t enough for her when it came to President Obama’s last election. She is […]

For Tea Party Groups, That “Digital Gap” With Democrats Doesn’t Seem As Wide

By Matt Taylor On Election Day 2012, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney — remember him? — had a secret weapon: “Orca,” a mobile tool intended to keep reports streaming into campaign headquarters in Boston as volunteers tracked polls in swing states. Not only did the technology bedevil users across the country, but volunteers reported confusion […]

Meyers Report: 2012 Economic Predictions Review – Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s issue reviewing our 2012 forecasts for the category of government policy as stated in the January 9, 2012, edition. • Fed policy. Expansive for the next two years. RESULTS:  Yes. The Bernanke expansion did continue, and is promised for yet another year. (Foxbusiness.com) • Fed Funds Rates should remain […]