Quinnocchio Opposes Term Limits on November Ballot

“While Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan continue to fight against term limits in Illinois, Bruce Rauner stands squarely with the people in their call for reform and accountability. The people of Illinois deserve the chance to make their voices heard.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf As Bruce Rauner joins with the hundreds of thousands […]

Chairman Bruce Rauner’s Term Limits and Reform Petition Has Enough Signatures to Place the Term Limits Amendment on the November Ballot

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits, chaired by Bruce Rauner, successfully completed the next step in the constitutional amendment petition process when the State Board of Elections determined Friday that the committee submitted 366,460 valid signatures, blowing past the minimum legal requirement of 298,400. Once the State Board of Elections […]

Madigan Doesn’t Like Term Limits for Himself

Last week, The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits filed 591,092 petition signatures with the Secretary of State and the Illinois State Board of Elections asking a constitutional amendment be put on the November ballot to limit state lawmakers to 8 years in office, lower the number of State Senators to 41 and raise […]

Editorial: Two Antidotes to Concentrated Power

Madigan has been speaker for all but two of the last 31 years. Yet you didn’t elect him. The other lawmakers did. They know he’s guilty of overreaching, and they know how to stop it. They could pass a law, or even a House rule, that limits how long any member can serve as speaker. […]

ChampionNews.net Radio – Term Limits 12/01/2013

Listen to Jack Roeser and Bob Costello discuss the term limits initiative for the upcoming 2014 election.

Term Limits & Reform Town Hall

Joe Walsh is holing a term limits and reform town hall Saturday, November 23rd. Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner will be  See flyer below for details.

Who are the 25 longest-serving Illinois lawmakers?

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner has begun circulating petitions to amend the state constitution and impose eight-year term limits on Illinois lawmakers. As it turns out, you have to serve twice that long these days to even crack the Top 25 of longest-serving members of the Illinois General Assembly. – See more at: Reboot […]

Rauner and Term Limits

Illinois is known for its unsavory politics. Four of the last eight men elected governor in the Prairie State have ended up in prison. We also are known for politicians who hang on to power with both hands: Daley I, Daley II. Madigan I, Madigan II.  Simon I, Simon II. This tendency to hang on […]

Bruce Rauner Pushes Term Limits Initiative

I just helped launch a ballot initiative to make term limits and other good government reforms part of the Illinois Constitution. For too long, politicians in Springfield have put their own interests and those of their cronies ahead of the people of Illinois. No more. The amendment will limit to 8 years the total amount […]

Rauner Forms Committee to Bring Term Limits to State Offices

In an interview Reboot Illinois published last week, Bruce Rauner described implementing term limits for state office-holders as one of the main reasons he got into the race for the Republican nomination for governor. “I’m running very focused on this… I believe we should institute term limits for every politician in Springfield so that nobody […]