Madigan Helps State Contractor Get $1.7M Tax Break

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this weekend on how the Michael Madigan and his law firm help get property tax assessment reductions and saved the company, who manages millions in state pensions over $1.7 Million in property taxes. When Mesirow Financial Services — a Chicago company that manages millions of dollars in pension funds for the […]

Rockford Mayor: Illinois cities should be able to file for bankruptcy

SPRINGFIELD – Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey said Wednesday that Illinois towns and cities would be in a better position to face their public safety pension obligations if they had the ability to file for bankruptcy. The statement came during a downstate and suburban mayors’ news conference held in Illinois’ state capitol. “If the state doesn’t give authorization […]

Property Tax Bills Are in the Mail; How High Will Yours Be?

Unless you are in Cook County, your property tax bills are in the mail. What continues to surprise many is even though assessments have fallen dramatically in the past few years, property taxes have continued to increase. Here are a few definitions to be aware of for the rest of this article and when a […]

Rauner Robocalls on Pensions; Emmanuel Fires Back

Bruce Rauner makes robocalls to Chicago homeowners hitting Pat Quinn on the Chicago pension reform deal.  Here is the transcript: Hi, this is Bruce Rauner and I’m calling because Governor Pat Quinn is considering signing a bill that will let City Hall raise your property taxes.  I would veto this bill and block this property […]

Governor Quinn Budget Address & Responses

Governor Pat Quinn finally presented his 2015 budget today.  You can read the full budget address here. Here is the basic outline: Make the temporary tax increase from 2010 permanent $500 property tax refund each year Job training tax cuts Establish solid spending caps $1.5 Billion for a Birth – 5 initiative Double the MAP […]

Local governments across the state looking to taxpayers for more

Since the program began in 2012, the AFP-IL Local Anti-Tax Initiative has actively opposed tax hike referenda, and will continue their efforts in the March primary.  In the 2013 consolidated election, even more referenda affecting taxes (137) were placed on Illinois ballots, 58% of which were ultimately defeated.  At that time, AFP-IL targeted 35 referenda […]

Kane County Taxpayers Fight Back

North Aurora – Kane County taxpayers are fighting local tax expansion and property tax increase referenda with the help of Taxpayers United of America (TUA) and Kane Cares About Taxpayers. “The $13 million Kane County property tax increase referendum on the March 18 ballot is the most egregious grab for taxpayer money and expansion of government that I […]

Which school districts tax the most per student?

When it comes to his school district’s finances, Addison Elementary District 4 Superintendent John Langton is fully aware of the shortcomings of his property tax base. The district will collect nearly $28.7 million in property taxes this year. But spread among the 4,151 students, that’s just $6,907 per pupil. That’s far below the average of […]

Looming pension payment could drive city taxes to highest in U.S.

It’s possible that Chicken Little was right. Next year, Chicago must come up with a state-mandated $590 million increase in its contribution to police and fire pension funds. A Crain’s analysis of the city’s tax and budget options shows that payment could lead to the highest commercial property tax rate in the nation and still […]

Amanda Mancke Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Amanda Mancke is running against Mark Batinick in the 97th State Representative seat, vacated by Tom Cross’ run for State Treasurer.  Mancke had been endorsed by the IEA (Illinois Education Association), the largest lobbyist in the state. “As a lifelong educator and IEA member, I am honored to have the support of the Illinois Education […]