Illinois Republicans now on record for their vote on NSA spying

Springfield – The Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois commends the two Illinois Republican Congressmen who voted to protect the privacy of Illinoisans and Americans all over the country from unnecessary surveillance by the National Security Administration. Rodney Davis and Randy Hultgren both stood up under pressure from the House Republican leadership and the Obama administration […]

Mark Kirk to Holder: Tell the truth, has the DOJ been harvesting Congress’s phone records too?

Mark Kirk gets it right when Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to answer his question. The non-response response is very telling and is simply a way of telling Congress the President and his Administration are actually spying on the members of Congress as well. Kirk: “The correct answer would be to say No. …. I’m […]

57% Fear Government Will Use NSA Data to Harass Political Opponents

There is little public support for the sweeping and unaccountable nature of the National Security Agency surveillance program along with concerns about how the data will be used. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters nationwide believe it is likely the NSA data will be used by other government agencies to harass political opponents. A new Rasmussen […]

NSA chief drops hint about ISP Web, e-mail surveillance

A secret interpretation of the Patriot Act led to the National Security Agency vacuuming up all of Verizon’s phone logs. The NSA may be doing the same for e-mail and Web-browsing logs too. The head of the National Security Agency hinted Wednesday that logs of Americans’ e-mails and Web-site visits may be secretly vacuumed up […]