Rauner Budget Blueprint Released

Bruce Rauner has just released his Bring Back Blueprint: Government Reform and Cutting Government Waste. His top 10 priorities are: Cut Wasteful Spending Eliminate Execute Shuttle and Sell State Planes End Political Slush Funds No Pay or Pension as Governor Enact a Defined Contribution System For Legislators Restrict Outside Employment for Legislative Leaders 10% Cut […]

Legislators Raise Their Pay

By Brady Cremeens As part of the new budget, Illinois legislators will be taking home a fatter paycheck than they have for the past few years. Voting to do away with a 4.6 percent reduction in salary that the legislature instituted in 2011 and renewed each year since, lawmakers will see about $3,100 more in […]

15 Absurb Facts about the 2015 Illinois Budget

The 2015 Illinois budget absurdity and hypocrisy knows few bounds. —————————————————————— But, back to absurdity and hypocrisy. Here are the facts to remember: The state is more than $5 billion behind in paying its bills. It has the worst credit rating of any state. It has the worst unfunded pension liability of any state. There […]

Raising Taxes Will Not Lead to Success

More Talk on Taxes The Legislature may not be in session but the talk about the state budget and taxes continues. The non-partisan Illinois Policy Institute released a report on how state government can get its fiscal house in order so to allow the 2011 state income tax increase begin its scheduled rollback beginning January […]

Governor Quinn Budget Address & Responses

Governor Pat Quinn finally presented his 2015 budget today.  You can read the full budget address here. Here is the basic outline: Make the temporary tax increase from 2010 permanent $500 property tax refund each year Job training tax cuts Establish solid spending caps $1.5 Billion for a Birth – 5 initiative Double the MAP […]

Bruce Rauner Statement on Pat Quinn’s Budget

Bruce Rauner issued the following statement regarding Pat Quinn’s budget address: “Pat Quinn first promised the working people of Illinois he wouldn’t raise taxes by 67%.  He broke that promise, taking away nearly a week’s worth of pay for Illinois families.  Then he promised his tax hike would be temporary.  Today he broke that promise […]

Pat Quinn 2014 State of the State: We Made a Comeback, Jobs are Being Created, Companies are Moving Here

In listening to Gov. Pat Quinn give the 2014 State of the State address today, it is clear he is as delusional as President Obama was last night in his State of the Union address.  He continually repeated the following themes: We’ve made a comeback Getting the job done Finish the job Equality and fairness […]

Public Enemy No. 1

What do Dennis Rodman, Rod Blagojevich and Jesse Jackson Jr. have in common with Illinois state government? Despite having large incomes, they’ve each found themselves teetering on the brink of insolvency. When I was younger, celebrity bankruptcies used to puzzle me. How is it that high-earners such as Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson or Burt Reynolds […]

Progressive Income Tax Coming to Illinois?

There’s a progressive tax plan being pushed in Illinois that would hike taxes on everyone making more than $5,000. The plan would tax income earned after $5,000 at ever-increasing marginal tax rates, starting at 5% and topping off at 11%. It’s important to remember that the current 5% flat rate income tax is a temporary […]

Quinn’s crystal ball

After several months of saying that pension reform inaction by the Illinois General Assembly costs taxpayers $17 million a day, Gov. Pat Quinn lowered that number to $5 million per day for fiscal year 2014. That’s surprising, since no pension reform bill was passed in the recent legislative session and the unfunded liability is still about $100 billion. […]