We Ask America Poll: Confirm Earlier Ogden & Fry Poll

We Ask America just released it weekly Tuesday poll. They confirmed the results from earlier today from the Ogden & Fry polling. Poll type: Automated – Date: 3/11/2014 – Participants: 1,235 Likely GOP Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.90% Bill Brady Kirk Dillard Bruce Rauner Dan Rutherford ALL VOTERS 18.90% 25.76% 46.46% 8.88% Female […]

Republican Analyst Chris Robling on WGN Governor Debate

WTTW Lt. Governor Forum

See commentary at WTTW…

Editorial: Rauner is the change agent in the GOP field

Tribune editorial board “In 2013, annual average unemployment rates declined in 43 states and the District of Columbia, rose in two states, and were unchanged in five states.” — U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Feb. 28, 2014. Nobody who lives here can be surprised that moribund Illinois is one of this nation’s Wrong-Way Two. ————————————————————————- Enough. […]

Kirk Dillard Supported Forcing School Districts to Collective Bargain and Allow Teacher Strikes

Below is the recent IEA (Illinois [Mis]Education Association) mailer sent on behalf of Kirk Dillard.   What did Kirk Dillard say about teacher union rights?   Here is the quoted text from the IEA mailer above: “I was proud to stand with Gov. Thompson when he signed the collective bargaining law in 1983. It creates a fair […]

IL Gov Weekly Tracking Poll

We Ask America released it’s weekly tracking poll tonight.  Bruce Rauner’s slight dip last week has been reversed and he is now polling at his highest level yet.  Kirk Dillard’s upswing ended and joining Bill Brady in a downward slide.  Rutherford edged up slightly but is still in single digits.  Last weeks poll can be […]

Kirk Dillard on FOID and Mandatory Sentencing

In reports last week, it was discovered that Kirk Dillard is open to an assault style weapons ban. Dillard indicated it’s possible he could support the ban depending on how the law was drafted. “As a dad with young children, I’m concerned about high-capacity weapons and public safety,” Dillard wrote. Several comments in the reaction to this provided information about another gun […]

Dillard Supports “Assault Weapon” Ban

The Associated Press candidate questionnaire highlights how the 4 GOP candidates differ on assault-style guns: Dillard: Dillard indicated it’s possible he could support the ban depending on how the law was drafted. “As a dad with young children, I’m concerned about high-capacity weapons and public safety,” Dillard wrote. Brady: oppose such a ban Rutherford: oppose […]

Rauner Up 18 in Latest Poll

We ask America released a taken today.  It shows Rauner with and 18 point lead and Kirk Dillard moving into 2nd with undecided still at nearly 27%. Bruce Rauner 35.60% Kirk Dillard 17.25% Bill Brady 12.80% Dan Rutherford 7.48% Undecided 26.88% You can review the Crosstabs at http://weaskamerica.com/2014/02/25/von-rauner-express/. Rauner is leading all subcategories as well.

Should Dan Rutherford Resign Poll Results

Last week we ran a poll here on Champion News asking should Dan Rutherford resign his Treasurer position. The results are mixed, as expected with Yes (36.2%) edging out Waiting for all the facts (34.7%).