LTE: Higher property tax in CCSD33C does not mean a better education

By Steve Balich Amy Blank and Ed Compins voted not to raise the salaries of staff and non-certified members 3.237%. The Board needs to understand paying higher salaries at the expense of tax payers is unsustainable. Certified employees in CCSD 33C received 33.60% increase in wages over the last 7 years. Home values have dropped […]

Cabello legislation targets pension loopholes brought to light by ex-lawmaker Farnham

When loopholes in current Illinois law allow for an ex-state lawmaker who is currently facing federal criminal charges for the most repulsive crimes to not only collect taxpayer-funded pension checks, but also to buy a last-minute retirement sweetener for time he didn’t work, alarm bells should be going off around the state. Believe it or […]

Pay No Attention – Smart Meters are Coming

In the latest [April 24, 2014] issue of Wheaton Weekly we read “ComEd soon will begin replacing analog electric meters in Wheaton with digital electric meters. Before your new meter arrives watch this…”  If you are typical, you think “who cares,”  “no big deal,” “it is new and improved…”  But, what if I told you that they […]

LTE: Larry Kaifesh for Congress!

Dear Friends: I whole heartedly endorse GOP candidate Larry Kaifesh in the 8th Congressional District.  I had recently met with 8th District voters to vet Kaifesh regarding his personal background, military career, leadership experience and his political opinions on a wide variety of issues.  My vote is definitely for LARRY KAIFESH in the 8th District, currently represented by Tammy […]

Republican Activist Denied Opportunity to Endorse by Township GOP Committeeman Mike Sweeney

This video was sent to us from a dedicated reader. What is going on in Elk Grove Township?

The Governor Race, the GOP and Public Sector Unions

Three lackeys with no record and a financial titan buying a seat in a denuded and dying party. This is what the ILL GOP has come to. All that said, Rauner is correct about public unions, and his 3 opponents are textbook illustrations of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” as they grovel at the feet of the […]

Dirty Politics!

Did you get that large 12-page mailing that was entirely devoted to smearing governor candidate Bruce Rauner? I did, and was very suspicious about who was behind it. The only clue was on the last page where it says it’s from “The Republican Fund For Progress & Jobs”.  But what on earth is THAT? Turns […]

Letter to the Editor: Why are Republicans attacking Rauner?

A letter to the editor from the State Journal-Register: Bruce Rauner seems to have both Republicans and Democrats telling us how bad he would be for governor. What are they afraid of? Sen. Dick Durbin says voters in Illinois are skeptical of millionaires and billionaires who try to fund their own campaigns. It’s OK to […]

Illinois Conservatives Endorse Bob Grogan for Treasurer

Illinois – The Illinois Conservatives have announced that they are endorsing Bob Grogan, CPA in his run for State Treasurer. Bob Grogan is a Certified Public Accountant, has twice been elected as Auditor of DuPage County, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.  Bob possesses skills that will allow him to fight fraud and abuse within […]

Washington Redskin

Recently, attempts are being made to create another manufactured crisis in the form of pressuring the Washington Redskins to change the name because it’s “offensive” to Indians or their ancestry.  It’s curios to me as symbols or leaders are there due to strength or leadership and not due to incompetence, being stupid or weak, is […]