LTE: Higher property tax in CCSD33C does not mean a better education

By Steve Balich Amy Blank and Ed Compins voted not to raise the salaries of staff and non-certified members 3.237%. The Board needs to understand paying higher salaries at the expense of tax payers is unsustainable. Certified employees in CCSD 33C received 33.60% increase in wages over the last 7 years. Home values have dropped […]

850 teachers, staffers get pink slips at closing, ‘turnaround’ schools

About 850 teachers and staffers at schools doomed to either close this month or to reboot their staffs were handed pink slips Friday afternoon, according to Chicago Public Schools. At the 48 closing schools, 420 teachers of 1,005 total lost their jobs, plus 110 paraprofessionals and 133 bus aides and part-timers. At the five schools […]

CPS Approves Largest School Closure in City’s History

After hearing from aldermen, angry parents and community members in a meeting interrupted several times by protesters, the Chicago Board of Education today approved a plan to close 49 elementary schools and one high school program. The board voted 4-2 to close Von Humboldt Elementary, then unanimously approved the rest of the closings in a […]

Mount Prospect District 57 School Board Vacancy

Applications are now being accepted for one vacant seat on the Board of Education as three candidates ran for four open seats in the April election. This appointed board member will serve a two year term to end in April 2015. Candidates must meet the following requirements as defined by Illinois School Code: a US […]

Weinert Chosen to Fill Vacant Grayslake D46 Board Slot

Karen Weinert was selected and sworn in tonight at a Grayslake District 46 Special Board Meeting to the the unexpired 2 year term of Shannon Smigielski, who resigned on March 3. The vote was 3-2, with Millington, Surroz and Facklam voting Yes; Carbone and Evans voted No. All 3 candidates for the open position were […]

Proof of How the Grayslake D46 School Board Raised Taxes

When it comes to levies and budgets, there is always some fuzzy math involved. In this case the Grayslake D46 Board and Adminstration claimed to have frozen the levy, when in fact they raised it. Of course they perpetuate the lie that they didn’t raise taxes even though it has been revealed this was false. […]

Why do Republicans Continue to Lose in Illinois? Republicans Support Democrats in Local Elections

After every election here in Illinois we hear similar comments: Conservatives can’t win Why don’t we have good candidates? We need to be more moderate The local elections yesterday gave us a good glimpse into why this continues to occur.  We have Republicans helping Democrats in these local elections and even one case of a […]

The Once Great State of Illinois, Who is to Blame for it’s Downfall?

I’m 89 years old and remember when Illinois was the biggest concentration of industry and jobs in the world. Even in the 1930’s depression they said, “If you can’t get a job in Chicago, you can’t get a job anywhere.” Today, we are known for being the most crooked and the most financially busted of […]

Substitute Teacher Arrested for Threatening School Board Member’s Children

Christopher Culp, 43, was arrested for making a threatening phone call to Grayslake District 46 School Board Member Shannon Smigielski. The incident occurred during the teacher strike in January. The following is the transcript of what Smigielski released in a Letter to the Editor at the time. “You are a (expletive) liar. I’d really hate […]

Will Grayslake D46 Finish What They Started, i.e. Not Increase Taxes?

The Grayslake District 46 Board voted to freeze their levy in December.  They did not want to raise taxes during this struggling economy. However, they actually did raise taxes. I pointed this out to board members the following day and have been waiting to see when the board would tell the public. I even mentioned this […]