Eurozone Recovery May Spark A Revival For The U.S. Economy

Figures published at the beginning of August have indicated that, after torrid times and many false starts, the much vaunted European recovery may actually be beginning. Of course, a head start for manufacturers in the Eurozone trading countries may not be the best news for U.S. businesses who export to rival markets in China and South America, but a […]

Steven Crowder: Pure Detroit

The Meyers Report: Fed Tapering? or Tampering?

Financial markets respond to the each Fed statement regarding its announced strategy of buying $85 billion a month in securities. Stock prices fell sharply when Bernanke indicated that the Fed was likely to reduce the pace of such buying. Bernanke then came back and said the pace of the buying would not affect the Fed’s […]

Why isn’t Illinois competitive in attracting jobs?

Teec Nos Pos, Ariz. – Beside me, a pair of little feet stepped across the line from Arizona to New Mexico, and then to Colorado and Utah. My 7-year-old daughter Gracie giggled and said, “I’m in a whole different state than you.” Welcome to Four Corners Monument, the only place where four U.S. states meet. Earlier […]

The Meyers Report: Economic Notes

The economic numbers last week were consistent with the sluggish growth of the past few years. Retail Sales were up modestly in June, producing growth rates of 5.7% over the past year, 4% over the past 6 months and 4½% for the past 3 months. All figures are roughly consistent with previous trends. The Homebuilders’ Index jumped to 57 […]

The Meyers Report: Economic Notes – Why Banks Aren’t Lending

Why Banks Aren’t Lending By creating almost $2 trillion in bank reserves, the Fed has created the potential for a massive increase in spending. For the increase in spending to occur, the reserves must go through the banking system and be transformed into new money. Through the first half of this year there are no signs of significant growth in […]

65% Think Government Should Cut Spending to Help Economy

Concern that the government will do too much to help the economy is at its highest level since last fall. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters are more worried that the federal government will do too much rather than not enough in reacting to the nation’s economic […]

The Meyers Report: Economic Notes

Energy Independence We are working on it. Despite increased government impediments, over the last seven years, our crude oil imports are down 23% and our exports of crude and refined products are up by 230%, according to the US Energy Information Administration. In terms of net imports of all petroleum products, we have gone from […]

The Meyers Report: Confusion Results of Fed Policy

Confusion over monetary policy reached new highs last Wednesday and Thursday. Fed Chairman Bernanke mentioned tapering off and then ending its $85 billion in monthly purchases of securities. He speculated about ending it when the unemployment rate reaches 7%. Market observers immediately took this statement to suggest the Fed would be applying monetary restraint. While […]

The Meyers Report: Economic Notes

Vehicle sales in May (up 2.5% from April) were equal to the strong pace of the first quarter. Initial unemployment claims for May remained, in the vicinity of 350,000, which were little changed from the last three months. Rasmussen Consumer Confidence Index. The dip we saw a week ago Sunday continued pretty much for the […]