Rauner Continues to Save State Money Just Running for Governor

On June 12th Bruce Rauner shared his blueprint for the start of reforming state spending.  Item #2 was a plan to sell the state planes saving the taxpayers $10 million dollars.  Today, Gov. Quinn announced $250 million in budget cuts.  As part of that plan, he is selling 9 of the state owned planes. This […]

Fowl fiscal deeds

SPRINGFIELD – Our cash-strapped state government has found a new use for its fleet of aircraft – flying birds into Illinois. I kid you not. State aircraft are flying to Kansas and transporting prairie chickens back to the Land of Lincoln. And at a time state lawmakers are looking at raising the state income tax, […]

Another Politician’s Spouse Received Money from Quinn’s Anti-violence Funds

In a story from the Sun-Times in March, it was shown that “Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown’s husband “was paid more than $146,401 in salary and fringe benefits over a two-hear period from Neighborhood Recovery Initiative grant funds.” Today we have the story about the wife of State Rep. Will Davis (D), Jaclin was also […]

Illinois State Police Buying New Cars; Leaves Them Parked

The State of Illinois has bought 85 new 2013 Chevrolet Caprices last year and have another 400 on the way. Yet, the State Police are still driving cars with 150,000 miles on them. So what is the issue? This is a typical Illinois government problem. They have dedicated funds for buying the cars, but then […]

Effingham Sales Tax Referendum and Unit 40 Schools Collusion?

Effingham Unit 40 schools sent the following flyer [click to enlarge] home with students on Feb. 20th. This same flyer was sent home with students in Teutopolis Schools on Friday 3/7 [See more below]. The question several people had about this is, “Was this legal?” First, let’s look at what is and is not legal […]

The Governor Race, the GOP and Public Sector Unions

Three lackeys with no record and a financial titan buying a seat in a denuded and dying party. This is what the ILL GOP has come to. All that said, Rauner is correct about public unions, and his 3 opponents are textbook illustrations of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” as they grovel at the feet of the […]

DNR Employee Fished for 3 Months While on Sick Leave; Doctors Orders

A top administrator in Gov. Pat Quinn’s Department of Natural Resources was forced to resign amid questions from the Better Government Association, NBC 5 and other news outlets that he moonlighted as a professional bass fisherman while on paid sick leave from state government. But, Travis Loyd said the DNR, an agency that’s seen funding and staffing […]

Lunch time over for Ogle County Sheriff’s Department

By MATT MENCARINI OREGON – During a countywide review of departmental credit card policies this year, some spending on credit cards of the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department was questioned – and then stopped. That spending included meals at local restaurants, in addition to uniform and equipment purchases. Sheriff Michael Harn and Ogle County Board Chairman Kim Gouker […]

Watchdog: Red light bribe scandal could be widespread

By David Kidwell, Tribune reporter 7:09 a.m. CST, January 23, 2014 A fired executive of Chicago’s beleaguered red light camera company alleges in a lawsuit that Redflex Traffic Systems doled out bribes and gifts at “dozens of municipalities” in 13 other states and says he is cooperating in an ongoing federal investigation. The explosive allegations, […]

Labor union wins: Illinois ends private Medicaid review

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois has fired the private company that found 40 percent of Medicaid enrollees in the state shouldn’t be in the system. Now, the state will hire hundreds of unionized, public employees to do the job. Gov. Pat Quinn signed an agreement with the state’s largest public employee union, the American […]