St. Louis: Stop Feeding the Homeless

On Sunday, a Missouri street church that serves hot meals to the homeless was honored with a front-page feature in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. On Monday, city health department officials took notice and told the group to immediately cease handing out food. For over a year, Churches on the Streets has served St. Louis’ homeless […]

The Meyers Report: Consumers Being Cheated

Be advised that it is now financially wise to slow down even on the green in an intersection rather than be caught by a yellow light trap. In Florida, the state law said that the timing of “yellow” lights was to be determined by the size of the intersection or the average speed of local […]

How Big Government Harms America’s Young People

(Washington, D.C., Tuesday, June 11, 2013) The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation (CF&P) released today its latest “Economics 101” video, which details how big government is undermining the future of America’s youth. Entitled, “How Big Government Undermines Your Future,” the video shows young people that big government is the common factor when it comes to the most serious […]

Two days to go in Springfield, Much Will be Rammed Through

Michael Madigan and the Democrats have 2 days left in this legislative session. As we’ve seen already this week, they are trying to ram as much stuff as possible. Same Sex Marriage may be called today Concealed Carry Bills – SB2193, HB 183 Electoral Takeover of Lake County – SB 2418 Gambling Expansion Fracking Pensions […]

The Meyers Report: Courts Strike Down Another NLRB Regulation

Earlier this month the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit struck down the NLRB’s regulation that employers post pro-union choices in the workplaces of the nation’s employers. While the court did not directly address the NLRB’s right to function (See previous articles on NLRB recess appointments being declared invalid.), it did […]

SEIU Illinois State Council Executive Director: “I do the brainwashing.”

From Dan Proft at Illinois Opportunity. Mr. Morrison and his friends at SEIU make sport out of pushing around disabled children. A few short years ago, it was Mr. Morrison who attempted to intervene between the parents of disabled children and their children by forcing public sector unionization on private home health care workers (thankfully […]

Friday’s Vote on SEC Doesn’t Go Far Enough: “SEC One Reason America is Failing”

(AURORA 5/20/2013): Republican congressional candidate Ian Bayne today vowed to stop excessive SEC rules, congratulating GOP lawmakers for shedding light on the evils of the SEC with Friday’s vote, but says that eliminating the agency will be a pillar of his campaign. “The SEC is a highly complicated business regulating agency,” said Bayne. “Running it, you have a […]

IRS Targets TeaParty, Patriots, Conservative, and Jewish Groups

Over the past couple years, there have been reports of the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. We now know that is is true. Not only is the IRS targeting the Tea Party, they are targeting groups that want to control spending, teach the Constitution, use the word Patriot and also Jewish Groups. From the Washington […]

John Lott says America is “At the Brink”

Part 1: Heartland Institute features John R. Lott, Jr., noted economist and author of a game-changng bestseller on guns As part of the Heartland Noontime Author Series, The Heartland Institute presented John R. Lott, Jr. and his new book, “At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over The Edge,” on Wednesday, April 24. Not only […]

The Meyers Report: NLRB Filing Deadline

As we noted in the February 4 and March 4, 2013, editions of this newsletter, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on January 25, 2013, ruled that the recess appointments by President Obama were invalid. As a consequence, of the decision in Noel Canning, the NLRB may not have jurisdiction to hear […]