Pat Quinn 2014 State of the State: We Made a Comeback, Jobs are Being Created, Companies are Moving Here

In listening to Gov. Pat Quinn give the 2014 State of the State address today, it is clear he is as delusional as President Obama was last night in his State of the Union address.  He continually repeated the following themes: We’ve made a comeback Getting the job done Finish the job Equality and fairness […]

GE plans to close DeKalb Motors Plant in 2015

DeKALB – General Electric has notified workers at its DeKalb Motors Plant that it intends to close the facility in the first quarter of 2015, a company spokesperson said Friday. The announcement, made to union representatives Thursday, gives union members 60 days to submit a proposal to keep the facility open, said Kim Freeman, spokeswoman […]

Unhappy anniversary

Six months ago, Illinois overtook California to become the state with the second-highest unemployment rate in the nation, behind only Nevada. It hasn’t budged since. Last week’s release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics detailed yet another month of stalled unemployment numbers for Illinois. The state’s August unemployment rate remained at 9.2% — 1.9 percentage […]

Top 10 Towns in Illinois with the Highest Unemployment

Top 10 Towns in Illinois with the Lowest Unemployment

Eurozone Recovery May Spark A Revival For The U.S. Economy

Figures published at the beginning of August have indicated that, after torrid times and many false starts, the much vaunted European recovery may actually be beginning. Of course, a head start for manufacturers in the Eurozone trading countries may not be the best news for U.S. businesses who export to rival markets in China and South America, but a […]

Illinois’ failing economic model: more food stamps, fewer jobs

Illinois added nearly three times more people to its food stamp program than it added in jobs over the past year – just another confirmation that the state’s economic model is failing. Between February 2012 and February 2013, Illinois added nearly 200,000 new enrollees to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. In contrast, Illinois […]

How Big Government Harms America’s Young People

(Washington, D.C., Tuesday, June 11, 2013) The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation (CF&P) released today its latest “Economics 101” video, which details how big government is undermining the future of America’s youth. Entitled, “How Big Government Undermines Your Future,” the video shows young people that big government is the common factor when it comes to the most serious […]

The Meyers Report: Economic Notes

Vehicle sales in May (up 2.5% from April) were equal to the strong pace of the first quarter. Initial unemployment claims for May remained, in the vicinity of 350,000, which were little changed from the last three months. Rasmussen Consumer Confidence Index. The dip we saw a week ago Sunday continued pretty much for the […]

Barickman Legislation to Assist Returning Veterans in Becoming Police Officers Goes To Governor

SPRINGFIELD- The Illinois Senate has given final approval to legislation sponsored by State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) which would allow returning veterans to become police officers by substituting service in the armed forces for some college education requirements. Senate Bill 1908, sponsored by Senator Barickman, was approved by the House May 17 and earned final […]