Guest Editorial: Sales Tax Turns 81

By State Representative Bob Pritchard (R – 70th) The news headlines read: “Through lack of available funds in the treasury unavoidable delays occurred in the payment of State obligations.  As a result large sums of money were lost through failure of the State to take discounts.  Even more serious was the prospect that lack of funds would […]

Rauner Continues to Save State Money Just Running for Governor

On June 12th Bruce Rauner shared his blueprint for the start of reforming state spending.  Item #2 was a plan to sell the state planes saving the taxpayers $10 million dollars.  Today, Gov. Quinn announced $250 million in budget cuts.  As part of that plan, he is selling 9 of the state owned planes. This […]

Illinois Watchdog Tax

By Brian Costin Illinois is ranked as the third-most corrupt state in the nation. And Illinoisans have by far the lowest level of trust in state government in the nation at only 28 percent. So why are lawmakers trying to make it harder and more expensive for citizens to fight public corruption? A “watchdog tax” bill that does just […]

Madigan Helps State Contractor Get $1.7M Tax Break

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this weekend on how the Michael Madigan and his law firm help get property tax assessment reductions and saved the company, who manages millions in state pensions over $1.7 Million in property taxes. When Mesirow Financial Services — a Chicago company that manages millions of dollars in pension funds for the […]

Obituary for Jack Roeser

Via Miller Funeral Home Jack Roeser, age 90 of Barrington, passed away on Friday. Jack was the youngest son of Irene and Otto Roeser. He was born in Chicago in 1923. He lived the “American Dream”. As a young boy he designed free flight airplanes winning national championships. These experiences inspired him to become an […]

15 Absurb Facts about the 2015 Illinois Budget

The 2015 Illinois budget absurdity and hypocrisy knows few bounds. —————————————————————— But, back to absurdity and hypocrisy. Here are the facts to remember: The state is more than $5 billion behind in paying its bills. It has the worst credit rating of any state. It has the worst unfunded pension liability of any state. There […]

Progressives Claim ‘We’re not broke, we’ve been robbed’

By Kathryn Watson WASHINGTON, D.C. — From the tea party movement to Occupy Wall Street, there’s no denying a general state of discontent with the way Washington is handling the economy. That discontent was the fuel to the fire that drew scores of progressives to the New Populism Conference in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. “This is not the […]

Legislative Update

2015 Budget House passed a budget of $35.7 Billions using accounting gimmicks of borrowing from other funds, delaying payment for some bills and relying on revenue increases that don’t exist (i.e. tax increase that they can’t get passed now. Remember, a vote for a budget that spends than they have is the same as voting […]

Madigan: It’s Rauner’s Fault

We keep hearing from DC Democrats that it’s all Bush’s fault even though he hasn’t been President for nearly 6 years.  When that doesn’t work they resort to you’re a racist. Speaker Michael Madigan has now taken a novel approach here in Illinois that it is all Bruce Rauner’s fault even though he hasn’t even […]

Judge Halts Pension Reform

As many expected, a judge has issued a stay on the pension reform passed last December.  The case is likely to take a couple of years before it is decided at the Illinois Supreme Court. Here is a statement from the President of the Illinois AFL-CIO, Michael Carrigan: “This is an important first step in […]