Talk Radio Ending July 13th

With the passing of Jack Roeser, Champion News Talk Radio will be coming to an end.  The final broadcast will be July 13th at 8:00 am on AM 560 The Answer.  Below is the final show schedule: June 29 Best of Jack Roeser including: Rants on the IEA, roofing costs Discussion with Demetra Demonte about […]

How to Win the Teacher Union War on Students

In most large cities it is clear the teacher union have a huge effect on how their school districts operate. This dynamic was on full display during the Chicago Teacher Union (CTU) strike last year.  One of the most contentious items during the strike was the expansion of charter schools and the closure of more […]

Fortune 500 Company Will Not Hire Homeschoolers

A fortune 500 company has made it their national policy to not recognize a homeschool diploma. The company in NiSource out of Indiana.  This statement was from the company. “Although these policies may be disappointing to impacted individuals, the company’s position remains firm.” HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) did get to get this resolved, […]

US Patent Office Gets Political, Pulls Redskins Trademark

Just a few weeks after Sen. Harry Reid said that the Washington Redskins must change their name, the US Patent office pulls the trademark of the Washington Redskins. The action taken today by the Patent office appears to be just another government agency targeting someone they don’t like. In what might be the most significant […]

Kid Twirls a Pencil in Class, N.J. Threatens to Take Him From His Dad and Requires Blood and Urine Testing

In NJ a 13 year old twirled a pencil in class.  Another kid said he was making gun signals.  Of course the student was suspended. Now the other consequences have hit.  The father was told to take his son for psychological evaluation or lose custody. “The story that we expelled or suspended a student is […]

Bad Teachers Protected by Tenure and Their Unions

Below are 12 bad teachers who were protected by both tenure and their unions.  6 of these were here in Illinois. Matthew Lang was a band director at O’Fallon Township High School in Illinois in 2007 when administrators learned he was having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student.  Jon White was sentenced to 48 years […]

Madigan Helps State Contractor Get $1.7M Tax Break

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this weekend on how the Michael Madigan and his law firm help get property tax assessment reductions and saved the company, who manages millions in state pensions over $1.7 Million in property taxes. When Mesirow Financial Services — a Chicago company that manages millions of dollars in pension funds for the […]

Tributes to Jack Roeser

For those wishing to provide condolences to Jack’s Family, please leave your statements in the comments below.  Please share a story as well about how you met Jack and another story about Jack. UPDATE: Well over 2000 people attended the visitation on Monday night. Here are more articles talking about Jack, along with a few […]

Middle Schoolers Celebrate Killing Baby

On Friday, a middle school class at Churchville-Chili Middle School in Churchville, NY had a class assignment about Shaken Baby Syndrome. In the class students were asked to shake a baby until it stopped crying, i.e. it was dead. Below is the story of one student as relayed to me by their parent: Today my […]

Rauner Budget Blueprint Released

Bruce Rauner has just released his Bring Back Blueprint: Government Reform and Cutting Government Waste. His top 10 priorities are: Cut Wasteful Spending Eliminate Execute Shuttle and Sell State Planes End Political Slush Funds No Pay or Pension as Governor Enact a Defined Contribution System For Legislators Restrict Outside Employment for Legislative Leaders 10% Cut […]