Middle School’s Anti-Bullying Activity: Girls Asked to Kiss Girls

If you want to see where the deceitful effort of homosexual activists to exploit bullying-prevention for their own selfish and pernicious goals goes next, look at what recently happened in a New York middle school. School administrators colluding with college students from the far Leftwing Bard College held a bullying-prevention workshop for students at Linden […]

Rutherford’s Feckless Effort to Silence Conservatives

What does Rutherford mean when he says that Republicans ought not allow abortion and “gay rights” to distinguish a good Republican from a bad Republican? Using clever rhetoric that plays on society’s increasing resistance to identifying things as good or bad, he conceals the real point:  The real argument he’s making is that the Republican […]

Illinois Homosexual Activists Proud of “Aggressive Lobbying Efforts”

The concept of equality is grossly abused by homosexual activists. The central question regarding equality is, “To what conditions does the concept of equality apply?” Equality applies legitimately to only those conditions that are immutable* and not defined or constituted by volitional behaviors that are legitimate objects of moral evaluation. Society is not morally obligated […]

IFI E-Alert: DOMA Under Attack in the U.S. Senate

Liberal lawmakers in cahoots with homosexual activists and the Obama Administration will not rest until they’ve perverted every significant cultural institution in ways that will hasten America’s decline. Pro-homosexual “agents of change” masquerading as “educators” have usurped government schools through curricula and deceitful anti-bullying programs. Pro-homosexual activists have set in motion radical changes in the […]

IFI E-Alert: HB 3027 — Ideology Over Research

Illinois State Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago), the original sponsor of the comprehensive sex ed bill (HB 3027) that passed the Illinois State Senate on May 25, 2011 and may be called for a vote soon in the Illinois House, posted on her website that she proposed this bill in order to reduce the number of […]

Chicago Tribune Op Ed on Banned Books Week Ignored Facts

Here are some of the issues surrounding “Banned Books Week” that [the editorial] ignored: Most parents are not requesting that a book be banned. Most parents are requesting one of three things: 1. that a book be moved to an adult section of the library, 2. that a library not use its limited resources to […]

DCFS Severs Ties with the Evangelical Child & Family Agency

The public has likely heard that the ironically — or deceptively — named “Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act” has resulted in the state of Illinois engaging in religious discrimination by refusing to renew its contract with Catholic Charities adoption agencies. The reason for this travesty is that Catholic Charities refuses to capitulate to […]

Texas School Teacher Violates Student’s Rights

A freshman boy in Ft. Worth, Texas, Dakota Ary, was recently given an in-school suspension and two days out-of-school suspension because he told a classmate that because he’s a Christian, he believes homosexuality is wrong. The German teacher in whose class this took place accused Dakota of “possible bullying” and wrote that the student’s comments […]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Infiltrates Public Education

Decades ago, summer was the time that necessitated increased parental vigilance. School was the safe place. But the times they have a’changed. Self-righteous “agents of change” stand ready at the schoolhouse door to mold other people’s children into ideological replicas of themselves. So now the school year has become the time that necessitates increased parental […]

Response to Anti-Christian Op/Ed in the Daily Herald

The Daily Herald reveals a profound lack of understanding when it argues that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children because in the Daily Herald’s view “Loving families and good parenting skills are not limited to straight couples or single people.” If those are the only criteria necessary for parental fitness, then the Daily […]