Our Illinois Pension Debacle

Back in Illinois, the funniest thing is going on!   The governor and the Legislature are bickering over when “pension reform” might come about.  What difference does it make?  Anyone who knows their way around an Income Statement and Balance Sheet knows that the Illinoiseconomy is never going to generate enough revenue to meet more than […]

Letters to Barack: Wealth

Dear Barack, Everyone seems aware that there has been a huge shift of wealth and income from the middle class to the top 2% of the population ($250,000/year), but no one talks about how it got there.  As far as income, CEO’s used to make about 30 times the wages of their average employee a […]

Letters To Barack: Nine Percent.

Dear Barack, I can’t help thinking about how remarkable it is that our approval rating of Congress has fallen to just 9%. Even our own Al Capone, but for the 400 people he killed, was said to have been very generous with bartenders, shoeshine boys, the poor, the hungry, and so on. I’m guessing that […]

Letters to Barack: Mario Mendoza

Dear Barack, As a baseball fan, you must remember the “Mendoza Line” – the .200 batting average that separated the viable hitters from the hacks.  Well, it seems that Congress has broken that line long ago.  An approval rating of 20% is “but a dream” for them and they have recently broken another line for […]

Letters to Barack: Of Mice and Men and Women

Dear Barack, I stopped in a local saloon for a Guinness the other day when a couple of off-duty cops walked in, slowly scanning the room with a steely gaze in search of lawbreakers and donuts.  How did I know they were off-duty cops?  Well, they had that “air of bravery” that one sees with […]

Letters to Barack: Goldman Suchs Yet Again!

Dear Barack, Wouldn’t you know it!  I tried to sneak into GolfStore to do a little holiday shopping and got caught by that guy with the “Goldman Suchs!” sign again.  You remember the OGS group – the people who are Occupying GolfStore?  “Hey chump”, he said, “after you’ve heard about all the insider trading going […]

Letters to Barack: Goldman Suchs Again!

Dear Barack, As a golfer yourself, I’m sure you understand why one should never try to hit a ball that has landed on a tree branch!  Sure enough, I had to go to GolfStore and try to find a new shaft for my five-iron, and, of course, I ran into those same people from “OGS” […]

Letters to Barack: Goldman Suchs

Dear Barack, Can you believe how this OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement has spread like the plague?  Hmmm….very appropriate simile.  Anyway, it seems to be everywhere!  I was looking for a new grip for my 3-wood yesterday when I ran into an OWS offshoot called OGS (Occupy GolfStore).  One fellow who caught my eye had […]

Letters to Barack: Insider Trading

Dear Barack, We wanted to you a warning about something that may not have occurred to you in regard to all this insider trading that goes on among Congressmen, their staffers, their friends and family and whomever on Wall Street that gets information as to the market activity of any of the above.  This is […]

Letters to Barack: Illinois Tourism

Dear Barack, Well, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about the finances of your home state anymore.  Our problems are solved!  Our “governor” Quinn has come up with an idea that should bring droves of tourists to Illinois!  We have always had our share of visitors from around the world who come […]