It’s time to eliminate Ben Franklin’s Postal Service

In the past few days the postal workers union launched a media campaign. The campaign highlights the fact some veterans are among the 600,000 people employed by the postal service and therefore the public should oppose any effort to rationalize postal operations, cut cost, or reduce employee count. It seems almost a bit offensive to […]

Government Assisted Wireless Phones: What would Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison say?

Six days a week my wife goes to the front door to get the mail. (I’m not sure why its six days a week, why isn’t it three, five or seven?) Anyway, most days she just looks through the mail and then tosses it in the trash in the kitchen. I take it out to […]

A Political Forecast: Dem Disaster with Obama or Competitive with Hillary?

To anyone paying attention it has become very obvious if President Obama heads the Democratic ticket next November it will be an across the board disaster for the Democratic Party. As it stands now, Republicans will win not only the presidency; they will also completely control both houses of congress.  The situation is certainly obvious […]

Considering the Purpose of Today’s U.S. Postal Service

I’ve been thinking about the Post Office lately. Most of the time I don’t think about the post office but today, I did.  In the news last night I heard it lost over $8 billion last year and now they might close some offices.  That’s a lot of money. In checking, I found out it’s […]

If We Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling…

If the Federal government’s debt ceiling is not raised next week: Income tax withholding will continue; Social Security tax withholding will continue; Medicare tax withholding will continue; Other taxes and fees will continue to be collected; Spending will have to be prioritized as the Federal Government will only be able to spend the money it […]

Do it Now: End the General Assembly Retirement System

For generations Illinois has been a land of opportunity. We have been privileged to live in a state located at the crossroads of commerce as the wealthiest nation in history has grown and prospered. A nationwide rail and highway transportation infrastructure was built. Illinois served as the hub of that system. Additionally, we were blessed […]

Temptation to Cynicism at News of bin Laden’s Death

Maybe it’s just me. As I was thinking about going to bed early last night I flipped through the channels on TV. I happened across a breathless and excited Geraldo Rivera rapidly discussing impending events. President Obama would be making a surprise unprecedented address to the nation at 10.30 PM Washington time. While I am […]

A Simple Plan

The economy of the United States produces approximately $15 Trillion in goods and services each year. The primary responsibility of the Federal Government is to provide for our common defense. It is also necessary to fund the three branches of the federal government the executive, legislative and judiciary. The federal government defaulted in its responsibility to […]

Improving on SB136 – keeping Illinois the laughing stock of the nation

In the relentless effort to maintain Illinois as the laughing stock of the nation, Illinois Democrat Senator Ed Maloney of Chicago has introduced SB 136. The education achievement of the Illinois public education system is apparent to all. So Senator Maloney’s enlightened idiocy intends to impose all knowing, benevolent state regulation to one of the […]

The Abusive Cook County Property Tax System

Doo doo, meet fan. The end may finally be at hand in Cook County. For decades the abusive property tax system has been in place. Every year in November and March Cook County sends a demand to property owners. The owners of property are compelled to comply with the demand for money. If they don’t pay the […]