Z Gram 07: Highlights of Barrington 220 Teachers Contract as of Dec 31, 2012 includes contractual $100+ hourly rates.

Contractual Fringe benefits:   Sabbatical leave up to one full school year for such activities as study, travel, writing or other professional activities. This is after working all of 6 years without having any sabbatical leave. Salary and insurance are provided during sabbatical and promotion continues upon return. Sick leave up to an amazing 23 […]

IMRF – the stealth pension tax no one talks about.

The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund is the pension fund that provides pensions for virtually all city, township, non-certified school employees and county workers in IL outside of Cook County. With 394,000 members it has more members and more retirees than TRS (Teachers Retirement System) and is thus the largest pension fund, in terms of membership, […]

Research shows IL students test scores improve when teachers retire.

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently completed a study which showed that student test scores in math and reading improved after Illinois teachers were offered the ERI (Early Retirement Incentive) in the 1990’s. The ERI gave teachers with at least 5 years’ experience and at least 50 years of age a free 5 year […]

Trickle-down credit downgrades hit IL Universities.

Moody’s has downgraded the credit ratings of 9 IL universities. Friday’s downgrades affect the University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University and Western Illinois University. Only Northern Illinois University was able to maintain its rating. The downgrades reflect the on-going fallout from IL corrupt pension systems […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Eligible for $150,000/yr. pension and disability pay.

I have been doing this too long. Writing about Pension Scams I mean. Nothing surprises me anymore as political corruption envelopes everything that happens in Illinois. Jesse Jackson’s fate is just the latest example. In 2007 Congress passed a law that eliminated congressional pensions if an elected representative was convicted of corruption related to  his/her […]

Cartoon says it all – look out below!

Z-Gram 06: Pension reform needs deeper cuts – IL pensions cost 3 times Indiana’s.

Every Illinois state politician needs to take a look at pension costs relative to other state especially those adjoining Illinois. That is because the adjoining states are where many businesses and wealthy people are going to move to avoid the inevitable higher taxes being proposed in Springfield with the current so-called “pension reform”.   As […]

Pension Crisis – The problem is $200 billion not $95 billion

By Jack Roeser and Bill Zettler As we listen to the endless cries of “We need pension reform” emanating from Springfield it is easy to assume that the proposals being bandied about will actually accomplish the goal. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article we will attempt to point out the major […]

Bill Zettler on Fox News Twice RE: pensions

Family Taxpayers Foundation Director of Research Bill Zettler was interviewed on Fox news Wednesday June 19th about pensions by investigative reporter Dane Placko and later on appeared during the Fox Good Day Chicago  newscast. Reporter Placko’s story was about retired Chicago Fireman Eugene Ornstead who is currently serving a life sentence in a Wisconsin prison […]

Z-Gram 05: First $500,000 pension hits Illinois taxpayers.

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. We now have a public employee hauling in $512,964 per year from two IL pension funds, SURS (State University Retirement System) and Cook County Pension Fund. Just his COLA this year is over $15,000. Alon Winnie worked at the University of Illinois for 23 years and […]