Champion News Statement on Jack Roeser Passing Away

Jack Roeser has passed away at the age of 90. While we are saddened by the loss of our leader, we are inspired by his convictions and the spirited battle he fought, seeking to bring change to Illinois. Jack believed in “little government and big people” and lived the American Dream. He will be missed but […]

Dorgan Out as Republican Party Chairman; Tim Schneider In

UPDATE:  Press Release from Blair Garber Friends and colleagues: It’s no secret I believe the election of Bruce Rauner as governor is the best thing that could possibly happen for the taxpayers of Illinois.  I’ve been and shall continue to be fully committed to that goal and a strong and united GOP. Never allowing our […]

Kaifesh Focusing on Jobs and the Economy in the 8th

Larry Kaifesh, the Marine Colonel running against Tammy Duckworth for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District says his focus is, “jobs, jobs, jobs. People want jobs. They want to take care of themselves. They want to prosper. I’m focused on jobs and a thriving economy.” Colonel Kaifesh was born in Elgin and raised in Carpentersville where he […]

Is your Vote for Sale? Pat Quinn’s Buying

It’s an election year and Pat Quinn is doing his best to buy votes. Below is a list of projects Pat Quinn has announced since the beginning of the year in an effort to gin up voters. Governor Quinn Announces $100 Million for Local Transportation Improvements Across Illinois $100 Million to repair municipal and township […]

Contempt Vote set for Lerner

Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has scheduled an April 10th vote on whether to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Lerner, the former Director of IRS Exempt Organizations has become the focal point of the controversy surrounding the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. The committee is looking […]

Illinois State University President Resigns Amid Controversy – Gets Paid $480K

After only 7 months on the job, Illinois State University President, Timothy Flanagan has resigned his post effective immediately. Larry Dietz who finished runner up to Flanagan for the job last year was named the state university’s 19th president. Flanagan is facing a complaint filed by a former grounds worker stemming from an altercation on […]

Madigan Proposes “Millionaires Tax”

House Speaker, Michael Madigan proposed a 3% surcharge on those making more than a million dollars on Thursday. The tax on the wealthy is being pushed as a way to make up for the reduction in public education funding over the last few years. Under the new proposal, the first million would be taxed at […]

Dillard the Sellout?

Conservative moderate candidate for Governor, Kirk Dillard has an affinity for accepting money from public sector government unions. This is nothing new. He has taken money from them dating back to 1994. On December 3, 2013, Senate Bill 1 passed the Illinois House and Senate. The bill altered pensions for public sector employees and was […]

Is McLean County’s Unit District 5 Improperly Using School Resources to Support Sales Tax Referendum?

Is McLean County’s Unit District 5 improperly using school resources to advocate for a school facility occupation tax? In an email to parents, sent Thursday March 13th, Unit 5 administrators make their case for why they’d like to see the sales tax pass next week’s primary election. This appears to be questionable at best. State […]

IFT Paying Teachers to Phone Bank for Kirk Dillard

Yesterday, Education Matters discovered the IFT (Illinois Federation of Teachers) has been recruiting to pay $12 per hour for teachers to phone bank for Kirk Dillard.  Here are a few questions that need to be answered.  Call your local school district and ask what they are doing about this. How many teachers have taken off […]