How Conservatives Lose America – Forever

Are Conservatives waiting for the second coming of Ronald Reagan? And when it comes to voting, will some of them settle for nothing less?  It’s a worrisome thought considering two contradictingpoints the media is drilling down the throats of Americans… One: Dissent within the GOP is reaching fever-pitch. And Two: The GOP is going to sweep the 2014 […]

Will Rising Political Star Erika Harold Make History This Month?

Before you can learn about history, someone has to make history, which is exactly what Erika Harold of central Illinois might accomplish. As a self-proclaimed constitutional conservative, Erika could be the first African American woman to serve in Congress on the Republican ticket. With no official GOP backing, Harold is quickly becoming a Tea Party […]

Do Women Really NEED Unionization in Their Homes?

Is there any story that won’t be used to drag out the manufactured ‘War on Women’ meme? Please bear with me. The following scenario has layers of liberty stifling bad news, but the result of what happens in the Supreme Court ruling of Harris v. Quinn is far reaching. Pam Harris and her husband, Kevin […]

Coming Soon to a School Near You: Data Mining Your Privacy

What would you think if your kids went to school and their every move was tracked and documented? Not just test scores and attendance, but detailed behavioral issues, personal preferences and any perceived learning disabilities or health concerns, for starters. That is precisely what looks to be happening with the implementation of Common Core, the […]